The S’more the Merrier! – Part Duex

The big day finally arrived, the toddler’s “Non-Birthday” Birthday Party.  Excitement was in the air!  There’s nothing this family doesn’t love more than a party, especially when we’re hosting!  Originally we were to be off to Disney in September, and that was to be the toddler’s actual birthday celebration.  The “Non-Birthday” Birthday was our way of not ignoring her real birthday completely and giving her a no-frills birthday celebration with a friend or two, not to mention sans presents (at our request).

Alas we got carried away and the small party, turned into a full party.  We had forgotten that all our friends had recently expanded their families and that made for any small party to-be, next to impossible.  It’s a good thing too, as our plans changed and Disney is no more (we’ve got other faaaabulous things planned – TBA!).  So our no-frills party turned into a real party… with a bouncy house, pool, water tables and catering…Not to mention, no one listened to my NO PRESENTS request!  All’s well that ends well, as we say.

The husband and I agreed this was one of the best parties we’ve had to date.  The weather was perfect.  Moms with their young babies laid out blankets on the lawn, while the toddlers ran from the pool to the bouncy house to the water tables.  They played with water guns and footballs.  The dads relaxed on the sidelines watching the kids run crazy.  The food was abundant!  There was Fresh Watermelon, Eggplant Parm, Broccoli with Garlic and Oil, Fried Calamari, Spanish Rice, Chicken Nuggets and Garlic Knots.

Ava and her Posse

When the time came for cake, everyone just belched… But there’s always room for dessert and boy did they make room!  When I mentioned S’mores not a soul protested.

After a dramatic ripping of tin foil, to strange stares all around, I had to admit to not knowing how know to make s’mores.  My own daughter, a s’mores addict, in full diva mode, rolled her eyes at my inability to make s’mores.  Thank goodness I had a Long Islander on hand, my dear friend Jenn, whose husband volunteered her to teach poor little me how to make those delightful s’mores.  Jenn was a pro, talking about caramelization and the perfect gooey melt.  I’m lucky she was on hand, as you’ll see in the video, I almost had the kids playing with fire and sharp pointy sticks — shame on me!  I was a complete mess trying to help and juggle a camera at the same time.  I love that our friends are so comfortable in our house — everyone’s welcome in my kitchen!  I even think the adults loved the s’mores more than the kids.  There was gooeyness and laughter all around, just the way we like parties at the Chan house!

Once the princess was convinced I was a newly minted pro s’more maker, I’ve been making her one every night this week.

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[box]{ disclosure: This post is part of my participation in the Hershey’s “Say S’mores” Promotion. As usual, all opinions expressed here are mine. }[/box]