The Only View is My Point of View with the Panasonic A500

cyborgI try very hard to be a practical gal. While I was intrigued by the buzz around a certain “adventure-action camera” because everyone I knew either had one or wanted one, I couldn’t come up with a reason why I really needed one (to my purse holding hubby).  I saw a few cool videos of people’s snowboard point of view, and while it was cool, it wasn’t the most polished and sometimes even nauseating.  How often would a person say, I need my “adventure-action camera”?  I couldn’t imagine spending all that money and only taking it out for use, once in a while.  As much as I studied the “adventure-action camera”, I couldn’t find the need or justify the cost for another tech gadget, even if I thought it was really cool. That was only because I only knew of the one “adventure-action camera”, but it’s not the only action camera on the market, I discovered the Panasonic A500!


  • The standout feature has to be the TRUE Point of View capture.  that certain “adventure-action camera” can’t say that!  With the Panasonic A500, the camera is right at eye level and sees exactly what you see!
  • Love the LCD screen so you can see what you are actually recording
  • It’s Waterproof (for up to 30 minutes and 3 meters deep)! I have always wanted one of those underwater camera kits and now I can go snorkeling, do underwater product reviews, etc.,  The possibilities are endless!
  • Image Stabilization! Most other “action” camera footage leaves me a little nauseated but the image stabilization on the A500 is pretty amazing!
  • If you plan on going pro or planning for the future of TV, this camera films in full 4K at 30p.
  • The image quality is amazing!  Colors are vibrant and realistic.
  • For the super techies, this camera comes with NFC technology which means one-touch connection with your phone through the Panasonic image app for easy control of the camera and social sharing!  It also has wi-fi too.
  • It also means that it has Qi-charging capability, so if you have a phone or other gadgets using the same, you can share the Qi-charging pad and charge your camera!
  • I found out you can live stream with UStream so family can see what you’re seeing LIVE
  • It came with the headmount and arm band, so I didn’t need to attach it to anything other than me!


  • I’m not the biggest fan of how it secures with the band across the forehead, the headmount.  It makes you look a little bit like a cyborg, and you’ll definitely turn some heads but it’s necessary for a secure camera for certain situations (like on a roller coaster) and it can leave an awful tan line if you’re filming a lot outdoors.
  • It’s a two piece and for certain situations it can be a love feature and in other situations, it can be a hate feature.
  • Battery life, it needs a longer battery life. It supposedly can last 2 hours of filming on a single charge but I have yet to come close to that number before it gives me the battery death red blinking.


  • Make sure the camera logo is upright and facing outward, aligned with band.  You’ll avoid the slight (or over) tilt that may or may not be obvious.
  • Make sure the camera is FULLY charged

With summer right around the corner and a few trips coming up, I can’t wait to shoot more action footage with my Panasonic A500!  The possibilities are endless!  I actually would love to strap it on my 2 year old and see what he sees!

Check out two of my favorite rides Epcot’s Test Track 2.0 and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train filmed with the Panasonic A500.

The Panasonic A500 retails for $399.99 and includes a headmount with secure strap as well as an armband.

( disclosure:  As part of the TMOM Retreat, I received a Panasonic A500 camera for review.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! )

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