The Confession Booth

[quote]You’ve got Questions…[/quote] I’m no expert, but I’ve been asked many questions time and time again.  Here is the suppository for all those questions.

Which double strollers do you recommend?
Currently my two favorites are the Britax B-Ready, which is a front and back double and the Maclaren Twin Triumph, which is a side-by-side umbrella stroller.  Click on the links for my reviews.

Which is your favorite umbrella stroller?
It really depends what you are looking for.  I am currently loving the Bumbleride Flite.  As a whole package, this stroller does everything.  It goes from birth and up and can hold a carseat.  It also comes with additional safety features like an SPF45 sun canopy.  I only wish the basket was bigger, but it folds and rides like a dream.

Which sunscreen do you recommend for kids?
My favorite has to be California Baby No Fragrance Sunscreen SPF 30+.  Although it’s pricey, it is widely available.  It would be my first choice.  I also like Think Baby and have purchased the Live Strong version because a portion of the proceeds is donated to the charity.  Another alternative, with a EWG rating of 2 is Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50.  My best advice is to check any brand on the EWG database.  Not just sunscreens, but everything you put on your skin and your child’s.

I’m confused by all the baby bottles available, can you recommend one?
I can definitely recommend you several choices but that doesn’t mean your baby will choose that one.  What I can suggest is not to invest in one brand.  If you’re lucky, your baby will like the bottle you choose, but more often than not, babies are picky when it comes to their nipples.  Do your research and choose BPA-free bottles.  Some of our favorites include Green to Grow, Born Free and Tommee Tippee.  I can also suggest giving a bottle more than just one try.  Sometimes its not the bottle, it’s that the baby doesn’t want a bottle (say if they are breastfeeding).  Sometimes it’s something so new, they just need to get use to it.  It’s crazy and confusing I know, but think of it as a little bit of your child’s personality developing.


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