The Bumbleride Flite takes flight!

When I first checked out the 2010 Bumbleride Flite I was struck by how sleek it looked.  It was an umbrella stroller by definition but there was something distinctly different about it.  Having the chance to examine it up close and take it for spin was a real treat.

Straight out of the box I let out a groan.  It didn’t look like the umbrella stroller configurations I was use to and I immediately dubbed it difficult to put together.  I was WRONG.  It was a fast and easy set up much to my surprise.  I was very impressed with the quality of material and workmanship.  I had never seen an SPF 45 sun canopy but thought it was brilliant!  A little hard to open initially but hopefully in a few days it will loosen up for us.  Spinning it around my living room, it was smooth through every twist and turn.  Standing them next to our Maclaren Triumph and Mamas and Papas Cruise was where the difference was apparent.  Right away I noticed that the Bumbleride Flite had a center support bar which was missing on the other two.  For me that was a plus as we often, although not recommended, hang bags from the bar.  On the other two, the bag was constantly slipping.  While I’m sure that was not the intention of the center support bar, I can’t complain.  Also notable was the fact that the seat was slightly elevated than the other two,  and the basket was accessible from the front, giving it a more sleeker look.  It seemed that the basket was smaller than the other two but the fact that it is front accessible gives it a slight edge.  Similar to the Mamas and Papas Cruise, there was a handy canopy pocket.  Not a very big one but still a thoughtfully included detail.

When reading the instructions for closure, it seemed different than what I was use to and complicated.  Because of the center support bar, I assumed that there was an additional step to closing the stroller, but it was the same two step process.  Simply release the rear support bars and pull up on the release triggers, pushing forward.  That action collapses the center support bar by itself.  Once locked, I immediately realized what a secure close it was.  Both the Maclaren Triumph and Mamas and Papas Cruise locked on one side only and with my knowledge of physics, seemed to cause strain on the structure.    Opening it back up was just as simple and incredibly smooth.  It didn’t require me to help it open up.  Once the latch was released, it unfolded downwards and I simply had to lock the rear and center support bars.

The real value comes in the fact that it comes with a universal car seat adapter compatible with both some of the popular Graco and Britax car seats.  It also generously includes a rain cover and cup holder.  You know how much I love my accessories!

After trekking around with it for a week on our road trip, we got a real taste for the Bumbleride Flite.  We loved how compact it folded up and fit into our trunk.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the bottom of it and when packing for our trip, we knew space was going to be a real commodity.  The canopy opening loosened up nicely.  I loved how easily it popped open.   It had a great center of gravity.  It didn’t tip as easily as other umbrella strollers often do.  The generous recline was a real lifesaver when the infant fell fast asleep after a day in the sun.  As far as looks go, it’s a real looker.  I got lots of compliments on it in use, not to mention many nods to the pretty pink color (vita).

UPDATE: – from Grace – We love the 2011 Bumbleride Flite Movement Edition!  Thanks to Suzanne, who wanted to see a newborn mom’s perspective, we got a chance to take it for a spin.  It is sporty and sleek!  I would highly recommend this stroller for any new mom.  It fits straight from the get-go for a newborn which not many umbrella strollers can say.  Also the fact that is comes with car seat adapters included free of charge is amazing too.   It fit my britax carseat in a snap! Can you see a newborn family trying to run out and get one of those separately?  I’ve taken Dean in it a few times without the carseat, just for the casual walk around the neighborhood and it fits him just fine.  It’s got a secure 5-point harness which holds him nice and snug.  Of course I kept him in the full recline and with the included head protector.  I forgot to mention, it only weighs 13 pounds!  That’s amazingly light and can hold up to 50lbs.  I don’t feel like that crazy disorganized mom trying to maneuver a 50lb stroller while juggling a baby and diaper bag.  I imagine once Dean grows up I will really be able to appreciate the light weight in spades.  Not to be forgotten, the movement fabric is a dream.  With it’s water resistant fabric, it takes spit up and other messed like a champ.  I don’t think I’m allowed to mention what other stroller I had, but it was big and bulky and hard to take places without a car.  Umbrella strollers are the way to go.  You’ll save yourself a lot of money and headache.  You’ll buy the bigger stroller, but you’ll wind up with an umbrella eventually, might as well just accept it.  The Bumbleride Flite Movement Edition is great and you won’t ever regret it.

Note:  While we did not review the Carrycots, the 2011 Bumbleride Flite models are no longer compatible with the 2011 Carrycots.  They have also updated the wheel system for improved maneuvering and redesigned the handle support brace (which requires a new step in the fold to release it vs. the 2010 which auto collapses entirely.)


  • SPF 45 Sun canopy with window (2011 models including Movement Edition)
  • secure two-sided locking mechanism
  • front accessible basket
  • from birth
  • carseat adapter included


  • smaller basket, while we loved it’s front access, it wasn’t as much a plus when we couldn’t fit much underneath.
  • The brand new PVC rain cover is no longer an included accessory.
  • two-step rear wheel locking, which some people might actually consider a pro.

Available as the Classic in 4 colors for approximately $249.99, it also will be available in Bumbleride’s two revolutionary new Movement Edition and Natural Edition later this year for a suggested retail price of $259.99.  The rain cover is now available in a PVC-free version and can be purchased separately.