Carnivore Heaven at Texas de Brazil NYC

pardon my blurry photo, I must have been salivating.

I was so thrilled when Texas de Brazil opened their NYC location.  My family and I frequent their Yonkers Ridge Hill location all the time but their NYC location is much more convenient.  Taking over the old California Pizza location, the entire place has been transformed into a beautiful Churrascaria.

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Starting out in the Salad area, the name is sure deceiving.  There was so much more than salad at the salad bar.  Of course they had salad, alongside sushi, seared tuna, couscous, artisan salami, shrimp cocktail and so much more.  Their soup of the day was lobster bisque, but I’ve never had any other soup choice when we were at their Yonkers location.  I’m not complaining because their lobster bisque is divine!  You have to sorta pace yourself otherwise you’ll be full before you even get to the meats and you definitely cannot skip that!

20140529_192519At your table they provide the most amazing garlic mash potatoes, fried bananas and pão (brazilian cheese bread) as they bring platter after platter of amazing meat selections.  Each are prepared in the time-honored Brazilian method of cooking over an open flame and carved tableside by the restaurant’s authentically-clad “Gauchos.”  Their standard cooked temperature is medium rare but can be custom ordered to preference if so desired.   Green for GO! and Red for STOP!  Don’t be afraid to pace yourself and alternate between GREEN and RED.  Those Brazilians sure know their meats!  Everything was delicious and while you’d think all the flavors would blend together, each one has its own distinct and unforgettable flavoring.

[message type=”custom” width=”100%” start_color=”#FFFCB5″ end_color=”#F4CBCB” border=”#BBBBBB” color=”#333333″] TIPS:

  • Moderation is key.  I like to grab a “salad” plate to start, but sprinkle in bites between all the servings of meat.
  • Many people are wary of the table sides because of their heavy weight, but in actuality they serve as a nice palate cleanser and allow you to really taste the meat.  Again Moderation is key, and perhaps self control.  I could have totally consumed all of the pão – yum!
  • Favorite meat selections include: Sirloin Steak aka their house special “Picanha”, Garlic Roasted Chicken and Chorizo Sausage
  • Impressive as their meat selections is their wine selection.  I always ask my waiter which they suggest and I have never been disappointed by their choice.

What an amazing addition to the NYC food scene.  A light dinner prices at $39.99 which includes salad bar only and full dinner at $59.99. Price does not include alcohol, featured items, desserts, beverages or applicable taxes. Texas de Brazil is family-friendly with amazing tiered pricing to boot, Children 2 and under are complimentary. Children 3-5 are $5. Children 6-12 are half price.  Just for Father’s Day they will be opening at 11am and I don’t know any man who turn down meat!

{ disclosure:  I received no compensation for this review or post.  We have been long term patrons of Texas de Brazil and are thrilled they opened up a NYC location! }