Stretch Your Child’s Imagination with Lakeshore Learning

IMG_1099I am always looking for toys that are age appropriate, educational, engaging and fun for my kids, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so these days.  Let’s face it, there is something to be said about a product that is BOTH educational and fun for kids to use.  That is why I have always been fond Lakeshore Learning products.  Lakeshore Learning is known to make toys that are loved by children and teachers alike as they teach valuable life skills through play.

IMG_1100Lakeshore Learning products are perfectly suited for children from infancy through elementary school age.  They have products that are beneficial for both the home or in a classroom and group settings.  Lakeshore Learning products seem to have educational proponents that enable children to engage in learning while having a blast.

lakeshore1Like the creators of Lakeshore Learning products, I am a firm believer in the power of play. I often feel as though my kids will learn more when they are active participants in enhancing their own education. I enjoy watching my children learn through hands on activities, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed watching them with their Pet Vet Center from Lakeshore.

IMG_1102 (1)My boys have been begging us for a puppy.  While we aren’t quite ready to take on such a huge responsibility, the Pet Vet Center, by Lakeshore Learning, was the perfect toy to pretend and “practice play” with.  The Pet Vet Center is aimed at engaging in pretend play, using language skills to express ideas and develop social skills in children.  Designed for children ages 3+, it was the perfect toy for both my 3.5-year-old and six-year-old.  My children were very excited to open their “vet kit” and discover their “new puppy” who they immediately named Mikey.  The Pet Vet Center also came with tons of medical supplies for the boys to use with their new stuffed pet, including (but not limited to) 4 puppy x-rays, animal ID cards, wellness cards, bandages, a stethoscope and medication bottles.  All of these supplies were immediately put to good use as their imaginations took hold.

Mikey had apparently broken his leg, as explained by my older son, who proceeded to show his younger brother an x-ray of his puppy’s foot.  “We need a bandage for him!” proclaimed my three-year-old, and so it went.  The two of them enjoyed this toy right out of the box and continue to utilize the stethoscope and other tools to treat their new pet.

lakeshore2What I love about Lakeshore Learning products is the amount of learning that can transpire through playing with these products.  My children and I discussed the many tools that a doctor or vet can use to help a patient and we took turns “listening to each other’s hearts” through the stethoscope provided in the Pet Vet Center.  Lakeshore Learning makes learning fun and in turn a part of everyday play for children.

Lakeshore Learning also ensures quality products as tested and inspected by their in-house Quality Assurance team.  They meet more rigorous standards than those required by law.  You can tell that their products are high quality, and durable, even with the most imaginative children.

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