Spread the Health this Holiday Season with #OTCSafety



With the holidays upon us, we all want to join in on the holiday fun and no one wants to be sick.  While prevention is key, it’s never wise to use OTC medication prophylactically to keep a cold or flu a bay.  OTC Cold and Cough medications do not cure cold and coughs, they merely provide relief of the symptoms.  Instead, good hand hygiene is best to keep those pesky germs away.  The holidays are overwhelming.  Taking care to eat well balanced meals and getting a good nights rest can go a long way for good health.

If a sniffle, runny nose or cold makes an uninvited appearance, avoid compound medications that treat multi-symptoms.  Use only medication specifically to treat your symptoms and pay close attention to active ingredients.  When using several medications, its easy to accidentally ingest too much of the same active ingredient.  That’s where reading the labels carefully comes in.  Make sure to only use the dispenser that accompanied the medication and prevent accidental overdose, a major cause of visits to the emergency room.  Remember, no cough or cold medications for children under the age of 4.  Always talk to a doctor if you have any questions.  Better to be safe, than sorry this holiday season!

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