SPOTTED: K’Nex Mario Kart Wii Building Sets

I can’t believe something I use to love as a kid is still around and kicking… there was no hiatus for those two busy plumbers, Mario and Luigi!  The family and I were on hand at New York City’s Nintendo World Store as K’nex launched their new Mario Kart Wii Building Sets.  Now that I think about it, K’nex was also around too when I was a kid (eons ago)!  Built for children ages 6 and up, it brings Mario Kart Wii fun to a new generation.  Mario, Yoshi and Luigi make their appearance in Standard Kart Building Sets.  After a little photo op with the famous duo, the kids got into the action at the store’s building stations.  The architect in the 7-year old was out in full force while my 4-year old happily free-built along side him. Check out my handsome’s finished product on the right!  Spiffy ain’t it?! I particularly adored the little 3-piece figurines, they were so cute!  The baby was content to sit in his stroller, playing with his own wrapped Luigi, a perfect complement to the new set we got to take home.  The 7-year old was thrilled to bits. I couldn’t help get into once we were home.  It was nice having a little bonding time over K’nex and watching them all play so nicely together.  Believe me, those moments are rare to come by these days!

Building games have always been my favorite type of toys.  With an arts background, anything that inspires creativity gets a thumbs up from me.  So even if the 4-year old couldn’t read the directions to build her own Mario Kart, I was smiling at her free-build as she made her very own creation.  The sets are available currently at Nintendo World and stores all across the US.  Suggested retail prices range from $7.99 to $59.99.  For more information, check out the K’nex website!

I hope they come out with a princess and toad set soon!