Siesta in Cancun with Guava Family GoCrib

I’ve always found the idea of a travel crib a little ridiculous.  Try as they might, a travel crib isn’t often more than a playpen and a cumbersome one at that.  While they’ve relatively gotten the size down significantly, I can’t say that I find them truly travel friendly until I discovered Guava Family’s GoCrib.  Again the designer in me was peaked when an ad on facebook caught my eye.  The subtle elegant motif on the facade of the crib was eye-catching.

A click through had me on the Guava Family’s website and it had me thinking that this might be the perfect travel crib.  Even having travelled with my daughter as an infant, because of the size of our travel crib, and I use that term loosely, I never considered actually bringing it with us on trips.  Instead, to this day, it remains as a playpen in our living room.  Folded away to its (still rather large) travel size when we have guests over.  The GoCrib, when disassembled, was the size of a backpack and literally one too!  It is completely ultra-light and portable.

With the infant being way more curious than his sister ever was, I was concerned that our siesta in Cancun was going to be more of a crazy fiesta as we chased him around our non-babyproofed suite.  Not to mention the idea of sharing our bed with two kids this time wasn’t too appealing.  We actually hoped not to share at all for fear of upsetting the family balance.  The GoCrib solved all these problems.  While we had a pull-out couch for the toddler, we often found both she and the infant loved the GoCrib both to play in and nap in.  Some fighting ensued with the toddler at night time when she wanted to sleep in the GoCrib, but she finally reconciled with it being a play pen for her and a bed for her brother.

The set up is incredibly easy despite my skepticism when seeing the manual pump.  Okay, I groaned upon seeing it.  It actually is a dual-action pump that inflates the crib in mere seconds much to everyone’s surprise.  It comes with a handy pressure guide that indicates when its pumped to the perfect pressure making it virtually dummy-proof.  It is made with rigid inflation technology making it strong and incredibly sturdy.  This isn’t your typical inflatable bed where you can poke like a cute little baby’s tushy.  With no large metal or plastic parts it is safe and light weight.  It comes with a thin mattress which has to be mouth-blown.  My only pause was that I was never really sure that I had actually inflated the mattress other than it was no longer folded down to fours.

The disassembly is easy-peasy if you follow (read) their directions.  Simply unlock the air valves and the GoCrib instantly deflates with a resounding pop.  I’d recommend storing the dual action pump first if you haven’t already.  Then grab the two valve-free legs and stuff them inside the provided backpack first with the remainder following.


  • super easy assembly and dis-assembly
  • surprisingly sturdy, definitely not a typical air bed design.
  • side zipper access is incredibly convenient for both child and parent.  Being not as tall as my husband, often my sleeping baby would wake in my arms as I attempted to place him down into any crib.  With the GoCrib, I simply left the side access open and slipped him right in.  Now if I could only make a quiet zipper…


  • would love to see a line of travel crib sheets that would fit the GoCrib.  I’m sure their design team could come up with some snazzy designs.
  • their inflatable mattress could use a guage as well if not a little more inflation in the cushion
  • if taking on a flight, this counts as a carry-on unless you’re willing to risk any damage with check-in or lose valuable luggage space to pack inside a luggage.

The Guava Family GoCrib is available on for $249.99 with free super saver shipping and its a LOVE!