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realtimes7A recent survey held by RealNetworks reveals Moms’ attitudes and habits regarding digital photography.  The results of this survey are quite fascinating.  The survey polled parents of kids under 18 who take pictures of their family on their smartphones.  This is what they found:

  • 62% of moms said the worst thing about losing their smartphones would be to lose all of their family photos
  • 40% of moms never like the way they look in family photo
  • 25% of moms would rather have nude photos leaked than lose all of their family photos
  • 76% of moms wish that the had the time to do something will all of their stored photos and
  • 23% wish that they had more time to edit the family memories stored on their mobile devices

I take a ton of pictures on my cell phone. As a matter of fact, I think it’s safe to say that 90% of my favorite moments captured are done so on my phone. Like most parents, I have become almost addicted to the joy of having every moment on film and my cell phone seems to be the easiest camera that I can access. That is why it is no surprise to me that every few weeks my phone shoots me a message saying that my “storage is almost full.” When this happens, I find myself quickly scrambling to pick which pictures mean the most to me and which ones I want to save and share with others before they leave my phone forever (and inevitably clear up more space for more photos).
What if there was a way that parents, families, and avid cell phone camera users, alike, could make a montage of their best photos, using the memories captured on your phone, which they can save and share with whomever they wish? Well, with RealTimes, they can.

What is RealTimes?

RealTimes is an app that I recently discovered, which solved all of my photo fears. It simply takes my best pictures and turns them into something amazing. The app allows me to compile some of my favorite shots and share them with family and friends in a way like no other. It is so easy to use and requires almost no effort on your part. I can choose to be as involved or un-involved in the creative process as I’d like, because RealTimes literally can pick out the best photos for me.IMG_7060

Using your photos to tell a story is easy. RealTimes will automatically create a real-time story for you based on the pictures that you have taken from the same location on the same day and it’s up to you if you choose to customize your story. It has automatic remix which can re-order your pictures as you like, and you can add or remove photos at your own discretion. You also have the option to change the background audio with the selection of built in music tracks or from your own music library. You can even record a voice narration if you choose. RealTimes allows you to change the color filters and transitions to give your video the effect that you want and of course you can change the default name for your story and enter whatever title you wish.


It’s easy to save your memories when you store them in the cloud. Free memberships provide users with 2 GB of storage or 5 GB of storage with auto backup turned on and if you purchase a premium account you can have 25 GB of cloud storage. Once you’ve saved your story it is easy to share to your Facebook or Twitter accounts or to send your creation directly to friends and family via text message or email. RealTimes is also able to remember your recent email contacts so that you can easily share more videos in the future.

The RealTimes app has many new and exciting features that are fun and easy to use. One huge new feature is the family accounts. The family accounts let you have up to four accounts for the price of one unlimited family subscription plan ($9.99/month). That’s an amazing value where subscribers will be able to have four unlimited accounts for the price of one! With an unlimited account, you will gain unlimited storage space as well as access to all music tracks, all filters and effects for videos, and unlimited lengths for videos. If you find yourself using your phone or mobile device for photos then the family accounts are worth the reasonable cost per month. Family accounts are currently available on the web.

Overall the RealTimes app is a simple and fun way to turn your memories into something special for everyone to enjoy. We recently used the app to capture our last days of summer at the zoo with our friends from preschool. It was a nice way to keep the memories of our friends close as the kids all go their separate ways to kindergarten. We all now have a video montage of a fun-filled day that all the children love to watch (and watch some more). It was so easy to do that my five-year-old even helped put it together. After using the app myself, I kept thinking how awesome it will be to use when making the end of the year school montage that the different grades present at graduation, or even those videos that can be seen at milestone birthdays and other big celebrations. The possibilities are endless.

RealTimes is perfectly named as it captures real memories, real stories, and really fun moments to make timeless videos that can be shared with everyone.

You can download the app by simply going to your iTunes store or Google play store.

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{ disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by RealTimes and I had lots of fun discovering this newly launched app.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }