REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY: For the Love of See’s

seesI have been a HUGE fan of See’s Chocolates for years!  I received my first package of See’s Chocolates as a business gift and was hooked ever since.  I am very particular about my chocolates.  I love chocolate, I love in particular truffles, but sampler boxes are just not my thing.  I always find them mixed with a few of my favorites and a few that just aren’t.  For an indulgence as rich as chocolate, I want to enjoy each and every bite.  The only time I have not been disappointed with my selection is from See’s Chocolates.  Until now, I could only get my hand on them in California.  It use to be a thing with me, if anyone was traveling to or passing through California, the only thing I wanted was some See’s Chocolates.  I would always give people flabbergasted looks when they asked me, what’s that?  Only the BEST chocolates ever!

Imagine the giddiness when I found out I could buy them online!  Now I can get all of my favorites anytime I want!  While I am totally not a coffee drinker, you’d be surprised to know one of my favorite things to carry in my pocket, especially at work is their Caffe Latte Little Pops.  They are the perfect little kick after a long day on the floor, or a long night with baby.  If you haven’t tried them, Toffee-ettes are what addictions are made of!  They are my newest favorite indulgence.  As a child my parents would occasionally get Almond Roca as a treat and these are just SOOOOO much better!  Try and just each one, bet you can’t!

When I say you can’t go wrong with See’s, I mean it!  I recently got to try their California Brittle which is like my favorite Toffee-ettes, but without the nuts… AMAZING!

They are a real gift pleaser.  I love that they have something for everyone including a nice kosher selection.  You can buy your very own See’s Chocolates at:


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