Savvy Shoppers!

I am a confessed shopaholic who is sadly on STRICT budget.  How does a girl survive?

I miss the days of mass forwarded emailing of friends & family coupons and sale notifications. Once considered always being in the loop, I was use to getting at least one a week.  I sometimes wonder if those still exists and if they do, they must only be for the college set (employees of those companies offering friends & family discounts).  There are still a few ways to save a lot of dough.  Some of my favorites are:

  1. {Membership Only Shopping sites } I imagine that growing up has elevated us to new ways of discount shopping, otherwise known as exclusive membership only shopping clubs.  These memberships often come with some serious privileges.
    • Gilt Groupe – Designer shopping for him, for her, for the kids, even the dogs sometimes.  Their sister site also hocks drool worthy luxury vacation packages
    • Rue La La – Oooh La La!  Everything from designers to travels, similar to Gilt Groupe
    • Voyage Prive – luxury hotel and travel packages below even the travel sites listed prices
    • Goldstar – great for savings on local events such as discount tickets to baseball games, shows such as Sesame Street Live or concerts, even Amusement park, zoos and aquarium discounts by as much as 70% off.
    • Totsy savings every parent will love (email me for invitation)
    • bTrendie (email me for invitation)
    • The Mini Social for the Earth and for our Children
  2. { Store Credit Cards } with exclusive card holder privileges.  GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy offers free shipping over a certain dollar amount and sometimes free shopping if you’ve elevated to GAP Silver or BR Luxe status.  Yes I shop there way too much. You’re also often privy to their 30% off Friends and Family, Stuff & Save or Shop for Charity discounts.  Even shopping at the actual retail stores with the cards can save a bundle.  For example, I “heart” Bloomingdale’s and their cardholders saving an extra 20% off sale prices.  I’m getting flushed just thinking about it!
  3. { Shoppers Club or Rewards Cards } think Waldbaum’s – grocery stores, drug stores such as CVS, Babies R Us (who send almost monthly a $5 rewards certificate). Hate carrying all those tags and cards?  If you’ve got an iPhone check out the CardStar app which makes all those tags and cards a thing of the past.
  4. { Rebate sites } that give you back a percentage of your total purchase via check, gift cards or towards funding education plans.
  5. { Coupon sites } I never shop without looking for a coupon to use online (and offline too!).  Call it coupon clipping gone techy or green.  Sometimes I snag up to 30% off or free shipping which is nothing to snub at.  Check out the following sites or simply google the website and the word “coupon” or “discount“.
  6. { Social Friends } For those who are social networking savvy, there are so many ways to save some extra dough.  Some of the tips I’ve picked up along my journey include
    • become a facebook fan or “like” the page for exclusive discounts
    • follow your favorite brands on twitter for exclusive discount codes and giveaways
    • add some of these bloggers to your RSS feed or sign up for their newsletters.  One of my favorites include, she’s got even more great savings tips
    • check out which scours the twitter timeline for deals.
    • check out – I don’t play myself but I hear there are exclusive discounts for visitors, especially if you become mayor (as a frequent visitor)

My RULES for shopping online:

  1. Always price compare.  Good sites to use include google or
  2. Rarely pay tax for a product.  It can’t be avoided for brands with brick and mortar retail stores across the US.
  3. Rarely pay for shipping unless shopping on  Their prime membership is worth every penny!
  4. Always try to use a site that gives rebates
  5. …then always use a coupon
  6. Frequent the sites that allow coupon stacking and rebates.  Nothing gets me as hot and heavy as stacking coupons with rebates… I love to do a victory dance afterwards…

Got a good tip to save some real $$$, please share by leaving a comment!