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advsol As you already know, we are avid fans of Safety 1st and their amazing line of products.  Since becoming a parent, I have used everything from their kitchen safety products, safety gates, car products and healthcare products.  I trust Safety 1st to always put my children’s safety first.  The Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Collection was developed with the American Academy of Pediatrics (@healthychildren) and included with each Safety 1st Advanced Solutions product is expert infant health advice.  As a healthcare provider, as knowledgeable as I am, I find I am always learning things.  I highlight in my video some of my favorite Safety 1st Advanced Solutions products but here are some takeaways.

  • For infants and small babies, the rectal mode is the method recommended by pediatricians and the @AmerAcadPeds
  • 100.4°F is the definition of a fever.  When deciding to treat a fever, there is none such thing as a slight fever or a low-grade fever.
  • I strongly recommend finding one thermometer you trust and stick with it for a consistent read.  We love the Advanced Solutions High Speed Rectal thermometer which features a flexible tip for comfort, a comfort guard to prevent over insertion, a quick 5-second reading, to help make the temp taking process easier for both baby and parent.
  • Don’t like having too many thermometers around?  Me too!  With 4 kids, a thermometer that has multi-functions may be just what we need.  Can you believe there is a thermometer that can measure temperature of food and bath water in addition to your child’s temperature?  The Advanced Solutions Ear, Food and Bath Thermometer give a quick 1-second reading and is ideal for children 1 year and up.
  • I love that Safety 1st has a thermometer for every family.  A Temporal thermometer is a great solution for many parents who need don’t want to wake a sleeping child.  The Advanced Solutions No Touch Temporal Thermometer also measures food and bath temps, and beeps when thermometer is positioned correctly for an accurate reading.

Safety 1st has an entire line of amazing products for each and every need your family may have.  When choosing a thermometer, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of readings with Safety 1st.  They are the “Hospital’s Choice”, tested and approved.

{disclosure : This is a sponsored post by Safety 1st who I serve as a PROUD Safety  1st Ambassador and receive product for review.  }

Advanced Solutions Collection:

•        Advanced Solutions Family Thermometer: http://bit.ly/1coKOEw
•        Advanced Solutions Talking Ear Thermometer: http://bit.ly/1coKQwq
•        Advanced Solutions Electronic Nasal Aspirator: http://bit.ly/1coKWE2
•        Advanced Solutions No Touch Temporal Thermometer: http://bit.ly/1coKV36
•        Advanced Solutions Natural Bristles Hairbrush & Comb: http://bit.ly/1coKYvH
•        Advanced Solutions Smooth Clip Nail Clippers: http://bit.ly/1coKZzL
•        Advanced Solutions High Speed Rectal Thermometer: http://bit.ly/1coLbz6
•        Advanced Solutions 1st Aid Kit: http://bit.ly/1coLfii
•        Advanced Solutions Baby’s Oral Care Set: http://bit.ly/1coLgmp
•        Advanced Solutions One-Way Nasal Aspirator: http://bit.ly/1coLjP3
•        Advanced Solutions Easy Read 4-in-1 Thermometer: http://bit.ly/1coLlXl
•        Advanced Solutions Ear, Food & Bath Thermometer: http://bit.ly/1coLp9j


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