REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Safety 1st Advanced SE 65 Air+ Car Seat

IMG_1908Convertible car seats can be used either rear-facing or forward-facing. Generally, they are the step up from an infant car seat, though many models can be used from birth (for a full-term infant) and some parents may choose to use a convertible car seat straight from the beginning.

Today, parents are looking for the safest and most practical option for their little one when choosing a car seat. Enter the Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+ Car Seat. With full body side impact protection, and their patented air protect advanced air cushion system, the seat is designed to protect your child from injury in the event of an accident. While most of us pray to never experience the true safety features of this seat, there is certainly a peace of mind knowing, that in a time of need, these safety measures exist. The patented GCell Hex foam is designed to protect your child in the most extreme side impact circumstances.

Installation of this seat was very quick and easy. Once you decide how it will be placed, front facing or rear facing (depending on the age and size of your child), Safety 1st has put instructions on the side that are easy to follow and simple. There are two sets of instructions on the side if the car seat. Blue labels with arrows and illustrations show you how to install the seat forwards facing. If you are installing the car seat rear facing, follow the green instructions. It really couldn’t be more straight-forward and simple to follow. Both directions have latch system tethers, with a center tether and latch in the back to connect the seat to the truck latch when the seat is forward facing.  After connecting the three straps and tightening appropriately, the seat was very firmly in place and did not budge. My four year old even climbed over it to get to his side of the car and it didn’t shift due to his weight. Once my 18 month old was in, he was secured with the harness and buckle system which was wide enough to avoid cutting into his neck, but also secure and tight. The seat also has a cup holder which will be very useful for his sippy cup on a long car ride. We also left in the infant insert, as he is not quite ready to go without it, being only 22 lbs. By the end of the summer though, he should be without the insert. For now, we like the extra comfort it provides for him, as well as a slighty snugger and safer fit.

We found the seat to be a little bit wider than the seats we have used before, but we can clearly see the extra padding and foam that this seat provides over other car seats we have used in the past. Since this seat is designed to offer the most protection in a side impact, we are happy to have that extra width for that extra protection. In a compact car, unlike our SUV, the center back seat would probably not be comfortable for a third passenger, if there were two of these seats on opposite sides if the car. Again, a consolation we are happy to make as the third passenger in our back seat is extremely rare and has happened only twice since we have had our second 1 (10)

This not a light seat and nor would I expect it to be, packed with all the added safety features and impact technology.  You just may need some assistance with installation if you’re as petite as I am.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, AOL’s new series Built America recently featured Safety 1st, highlighting all the safety you can see.

IMG_1901In all, this seat has high ratings, is extremely well built and secure, and I have no hesitations about using this seat as my toddler grows. Since it ranges in recommended child weight 5 lbs to 65 lbs, we know that this seat will get us through 4-5 years, potentially even into our next car.

Another thing to consider when taking a road trip with the little ones is how to organize the car efficiently. I absolutely LOVE the products that Safety 1st has to offer to help make organizing my car just a little easier. For instance, a must have item to have, especially when you have little ones, is the car door sanitation station. With this must have item, you can have quick and easy access to wipes, napkins, and even hand sanitizer right in the inside of your car door. This can really be helpful after an afternoon on the playground or even if you’re in need of a quick diaper change. I’ve found this item to be very helpful for our four year old who is able to clean up his own messes in the back seat while the car is in motion.

Another item that is very helpful is the Just-in-Case storage station by Safety 1st.  Appropriately named, this storage compartment can be easily installed in your trunk (with screws for anchoring)  and can hold all of your traveling essentials in a secure place. In our storage station, we have a few diapers, some extra wipes, some extra sets of clothing, bubbles and balls for the kids. We also have some paper towels stored in there for the occasional tough messes our kids can make. Having the Just-in-Case storage station in the truck keeps my car clean and organized. All in all, for someone who spends a good deal of time in the car with the family, these products can help make your travels just a little easier – at least while you’re in the car.

{ disclosure:  I received a sample of the Safety 1st Advanced SE 65 Air+ for review, as always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }


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