REVIEW: The Too Smart Joovy Too Fold #joovycool

IMG_20140707_062642I’ve tested (played) with my fair share of strollers and after awhile the things that set them apart is few and far between.  Maybe a little difference here and there. It’s a wonder when a stroller truly makes you step back and say, now that is different.  Cue in the Joovy TooFold.   We’ve been longtime fans of Joovy and their beautifully intuitively designed products and the Joovy TooFold doesn’t disappoint.  I don’t mind a stroller that’s a looker and the Joovy TooFold is definitely a looker.  I’ve been stopped by many people asking me which stroller is this, and I’ve caught many trying to discreetly check out our ride.  Why you ask?

I’ll start off with my favorite feature, the built in kickboard.  The Joovy TooFold converts with ease from a single stroller to a tandem stroller, hence the play on words, Too (two) Fold), perfect for my 4 year old who I’d like not to be sitting in a stroller anymore.  For those longer strollers, he can hitch a ride on the  kickboard.  Even its transformation is pretty cool, just a quick slide of the wheels and boom, you’re a tandem stroller.

Comfort is key to making a child want to stay put.  That’s no easy feat with my 16 month old who recently learned to walk, but the super plush and removable liner is all sorts of awesome.  He loves that its comfy and I love that no matter what mess he throws at me the stroller, it can handle it.

The best feature is the included Shopping Bag which solves all my storage problems and also keeps the 4 year old at bay a little longer.  You know that old saying, out of sight, out of mind.


  • The built-in kick board is worth it’s weight in gold.  Ever so handy and so discreetly integrated into the design.
  • Love the included zipper pocket on the canopy, such a simple and useful detail.
  • The shopper is pretty awesome.  It hides a lot of shopping loot from the husband.
  • The removable and washable liner that’s included, not an additional accessory for purchase.


  • I wish the canopy provided more coverage.  I appreciated the additional sun visor, but I would love to see the Joovy TooFold 2.0 make this a change.
  • This is not your compact stroller, the Joovy TooFold takes up quite a bit of real estate in the trunk, this is a LUXURY stroller.
  • Where’s my rain cover?

All in all we are loving the Joovy TooFold for this stage of our lives.  We are constantly on the go and with my small zoo, the Joovy TooFold makes my life a whole lot easier to manage them all by myself.  It travels well for quick trips to the market, an excursion to the zoo and even the beach with it’s rugged all-terrain build.

{ disclosure:  I received a sample of the Joovy TooFold for review at my request, I simply needed this stroller in my life, no other compensation was exchanged.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }