REVIEW: Maclaren Twin Triumph

and what are you looking at?

Ask me a few years ago, pre-parenthood, and I would have been swearing off twin strollers. I would never be a Twinnie.  The parents wheeling around their wide load as if they owned the road, expecting everyone to move out of their way — I loathed them.   Even when I because a parent of two kids, I did everything to avoid twin strollers.  If I HAD to go out alone with two kids, I’d grudgingly strap on the carrier and push the stroller.  Or I’d beg/bribe the toddler to walk while the infant was strapped to my single and pray that when she wised up, that I wouldn’t be too tired to carry the infant.  It wasn’t until the opportunity/necessity of one that I realized what I had been missing out on.

The debate arrives on whether a side by side or a front/back twinnie is better.  My first inkling is the front/back is better for the wide load fearing me but I was assured, they were wide in other ways.  Friends have recommended the Maclaren Twin Triumph before and told me, once I tried it, I wouldn’t go back.  Here we are road-testing the Maclaren Twin Triumph with my eyebrows raised.  It’s wide for sure, but not noticeably so that I would cringe.  In fact, it felt just right.  Taking it for a run in our local shopping mall, it maneuvered like a pro.  I wasn’t taking up the road, in fact I was starting to hold my head up high.  I was the smart mom with two quiet kids sitting in their stroller and I was getting things done! I felt productive and my kids were both equally happy and content in their own seats.

Twin Strollers are also often equated with bulk but the umbrella stroller detail gives it all the edge it needs.  Not only does it play the role of two strollers in one, it collapses into the size of one!  Gone are the days of a trunk full of strollers.  We can actually fit things in there again!  I know, I’m a little crazy about trunk space, but if you haven’t have any in a while, you begin to have a whole new appreciation for it.  I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a trunk, as most parents do.

One of my biggest peeves about most strollers on the market is the lack of removable seat liners and Maclaren, unbeknown to me until now, has an entire line of beautifully designed reversible liners.  All reasonably priced, since I needed two, at below $20 each is a real steal.   They have a huge selection of designs, something for everyone one and several complimentary patterns to match every stroller.  My two kids aren’t the neatest of buggers and these liners will get good use making our Twin Triumph look tip top for even longer.  Also discovered is their line of reversible buggy blankets.  We’re totally diggin Paris and Hong Kong.

When my husband said [quote]Get rid of the single stroller and stick with the double.[/quote], I was shocked.  Even my husband had become a twinnie.  He wanted to add his pro – saving his back every time one of the kids tires of walking and there is only one stroller seat they are both fighting over.  In his words, “Priceless!”


  • Incredibly compact fold, I can actually see the bottom of my trunk.  With two separate strollers, trunk space was prime real estate.
  • It’s empowering, not in the own the road way, but I can go out alone, confidently, with two kids.  It affords me the freedom to
  • Loads of storage space below.  With more room, comes more stuff!
  • Pockets in the hood!  Great to stuff keys and or cell phone within easy reach.
  • Actually fits the toddler quite comfortably!  Although appearing wide in size, the seats themselves looked small, but then again, so are the kids!


  • I’ve become so comfortable with the one-handed folds.  It takes a few maneuvers to open and close the stroller.  The issue though is not exclusive to this stroller, it’s with all umbrella strollers in general.  While the husband usually is the griper about folds, haven’t heard one peep out of him despite so.
  • Not a complete necessity if each child has their own designated seat, but if you need to adjust straps, it requires some maneuvering.
  • Love the removable liner, but installation and removal isn’t as easy as I would hope.
  • Wish there was an included cup holder.

If you’re not sure about twin strollers, step out of your comfort zone and give the Maclaren Twin Triumph (retail $275) a spin.  As my husband said, “You’ll never want to go back.”  The new found freedom I have with this stroller is just so liberating.  I am no longer a prisoner in my own home, or tied to the availability of a sitter.  I can happily go out confidently with two kids and not break a sweat.  This is priceless indeed!

[box] { disclosure:  the Maclaren Twin Triumph was provided for review.  As always, all opinions expressed here within are my own. } [/box]