REVIEW: Big Hero 6 #FandangoFamily #BigHero6

baymaxGO! RUN! YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!  This is the next FROZEN.  I am insanely crazy about this movie.  I was given the opportunity to screen this movie a few weeks ago and I have to say going in the only thing I knew about the movie was that my 4 year old really really really wanted to see this movie.  I have no idea how he knew about the movie, but he has been asking for weeks if we could see this movie when it came out. Unfortunately, the screening was at the start of his bedtime… on a school night to boot.  It would be a no-win situation having him stay up past his bedtime and unable to wake up for school tomorrow, all to see a movie.  I couldn’t justify it and so I resided to the fact that I rarely ever, practically NEVER, want to see a movie twice in the theaters, but I would have to this time. I dreaded it going into the movie.

Then I met Baymax and fell in love.  This movie was so heartwarming and emotionally beautiful. I laughed, I cried, I cheered. Lines like, “Hi I’m Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.”  had me in stitches (as a healthcare provider myself).  My 7 year old, the lucky companion.. LOVED IT! Disney did an amazing job with Big Hero 6.  Without wanting to give anything away, this movie transcends all age groups and I walked out thinking this was a spectacularly, wonderfully, beautiful movie that I would definitely want to see again, even in a theater. Also it’s definitely worth a watch in 3D!

for my fellow nurses: