Re-evaluating your Digital Life #LifeOnFiOS

IMAG0022It’s funny how your life can turn completely digital on you in a blink of an eye.  I consider my family and I to be pretty digital savvy and with that said, always in with the latest, greatest and fastest equipment available.  After all what’s a digital savvy family if we’re not connected with the latest?!  You’d be surprised to know that my FiOS equipment was due for a serious upgrade.  It wasn’t outdated per say, but it wasn’t the latest either.

routerPerhaps that speaks to how fast FiOS is that I never noticed a difference, or lag with my speed or TV quality even, whether I’m out and about or home on my FiOS service.  That was until recently.  The kids finally got their new playroom finished and with it a beautiful new flat panel which we swore to only use for streaming videos.  The streaming quality just wasn’t what we were use to.  Whenever there was an upgrade available, I was pretty sure that we jumped on EVERY one.  Imagine our surprise when we did a quick test with Verizon’s handy dandy tool, Speed Test, of our internet download and upload speed and it was less than mediocre (not that we noticed).  I mean could we really have been running on a 802.11b router? Nah, it’s gotta be the “g” at least! Regardless… OMG! I’m not even really sure what we were running on, but it was the equipment we started out with from Day 1 with FIOS, the minute it was available in our neighborhood, almost a 5+ years ago.  A quick call to the lovely people at FIOS confirmed our suspicions of outdated equipment and they quickly put in an upgrade order for us to the FiOS Advanced Wi-Fi Router, built for FiOS Quantum Speeds.

While we were taking advantage of this equipment upgrade, we took the opportunity to upgrade to Quantum TV as well.  With the ability to record up to 12 shows at the same time (contrasting to the 2 we were allowed previously), this was game-changing in our home.  No more choosing between the kid’s Disney Channel, my Grey’s Anatomy addiction and the latest Alaska show that my husband is obsessed with. Everyone is getting TV their way.  With over 200 hours of recording time, I can catch up eventually with all my favorite shows when I have time, while writing blog posts, uploading pictures to my cloud and editing YouTube videos simultaneously.  The kids can watch their favorite episodes and on-demand shows over and over again to their hearts content.   Speed is a beautiful thing.

  • It’s a good idea to give Verizon ( or your provider, but really why would you go anywhere else?) a call once a year to evaluate your account.  Verizon does this for FREE and is happy to find you the best fit and best deal for your family.
  • Don’t forget to ask if you have the latest equipment so you can make the most out of their offerings. My husband noticed right away that the new equipment was so much smaller than our old receivers.  Yes. that’s the telltale sign of outdated.

Oh and there is still time to jump on the Free On Demand Marathon going on until September 29th!  That’s over 2,000+ movies and 70+ full-series TV shows are yours to watch FREE!



{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I currently pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love!  }