Raising Our Pyrex Glass to Healthier Family! #Pyrex100

IMG_0504My family has been working really hard this year with a goal to live healthier.  With my Marcus diagnosed with Ideopathic Anaphlaxis, my Luca recently diagnosed similar allergies and other challenges, my health scares and the most recent cancer diagnosis to hit a very important member of my family, it was a major wake up call for this family to start living healthier.

We made many significant changes to our diet and lifestyle but had to do so in moderation.  My husband is a strong believer that the key to success is moderation.  It’s been a slow, long process but we’ve done things like exchanging our meats purchases to organic whenever possible.  Our deli meats and bacon are all nitrate-free purchases.  We’ve slowly incorporated brown rice into a diet and have just moved into the brown-white rice mix phase where the kids are starting to enjoy the texture and taste. Let’s not even talk about vegetables at dinner time, its a negotiation each time. Let’s get real, after a long day at work, I don’t have the fight in me anymore and that’s where it gets tough.

One of the toughest challenges has been changing our snacking habits. We’ve raised a family of snackers.  I wish I could say healthy snackers but nope. My kids love potato chips (particularly waffle cut and kettle cooked).  They love oreo cookies, biscoff cookies (nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free), soda. Getting them to eat fruit is a task unto it’s own.  Each child only likes one fruit.  Slowly I’ve been making a conscious effort to switch out the snack choices in our home and even trying to make the options less than before. We’ve added roasted seaweed (in olive oil with zero calories and much needed green intake), organic bananas (trader joes has the best deals), organic fruit strips (gone are the roll-ups, Target has some great options)  My children love dessert and having never limited them on it, it’s been a nightly expectation to get dessert.  I’m working hard to break that habit and make it a reward but it’s tough to say no to those cute faces.  We’ve changed out cheap artificially flavored and colored ice pops for real fruit juice pops without much of a fuss. Buying is easy, but making your own is best.

One of my favorite, recently discovered, health snacks is chia seeds. It is packed full of nutrients with very little calories – high in anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and other vital nutrients. My kids and I love the fun texture and the variety of things you can create.  My absolute favorite has to be Chia Seed Pudding. There are an abundant of recipes available online but when you read the comments, or even attempt to make your own, you find it’s not as easy as it seems. I’ve made several recipes and finally figured out tips to making the best, simple 4-ingredient chia seed pudding, a perfect, refreshing summer-time dessert.

IMG_0545In partnership with Pyrex, who is celebrating 100 years making our lives easier in the kitchen, I present to you:

  • Room Temperature ingredients are KEY
  • If there are refrigerated items, add them at the very end of the recipe.
  • Play around with the proportions of the ingredients to get the perfect consistency for you

PASSIONFRUIT CHIA PUDDING (dairy-free and vegan)

  • 3 cups of room-temperature coconut milk (or rice milk if a coconut-allergy is an issue) – a new tetrabox is perfect.
  • 3/4 cup chia seeds
  • 2 cup passionfruit puree or Passion Fruit Nectar
  • Optional Agave nectar (to taste)
  1. Add coconut milk and 1 cup chia seeds in a large mixing bowl and let rest for 3-5 hours until it’s achieved a pudding like consistency that you like. Stir the blend several times during resting period to move settled seeds.
  2. Blend in passion fruit and add agave nectar to taste as passion fruit can have a bitter undertone sometimes.
  3. Refrigerate any unconsumed portions for 3-5 days in your favorite covered Pyrex glassware.
  4. Serve chilled with berries, granola or even toasted coconut strips for a tropical delight!

IMG_0544Feel free to substitute for any fruit puree or concentrate and choose a base milk that is complimentary to the fruit. The flavor of the coconut milk is perfect with passionfruit and rice milk is one of the more neutral and mild flavoring of milk bases. The proportions of the ingredients are merely suggestions, add more fruit or coconut for taste and consistency. My kids love their Chia pudding and have fun helping me make it as well as concocting new flavors.

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{ disclosure: I have happily partnered with World Kitchen LLC to share the wonderful Pyrex® 100th Anniversary product line. All opinions are my own. }

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