Print Away with HP Instant Ink #HPFamilyTime

c03732066{ disclosure: I am a #HPFamilyTime Ambassador.  I received the HP ENVY Rove20 and HP ENVY 4500 e-All-in-One printer for review.  I received no further compensation and this post mentions products that are self purchased with no discount. }

When I mentioned in my previous post, being a longtime HP customer, I should clarify that to include, laser printers, scanners, laptops, desktops but never an inkjet (color) printer.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like HP inkjet printers, I didn’t like inkjet printers in general.  In the early days of color printers, ink cost a fortune.  I’ve used my share of them as a designer at school and at work.  Not only was it costly, early color printers were not an efficient ink users like the printers of today.   I recall the days when color ink was contained on one cartridge and if one ran out, well you’d consider the whole cartridge done.  I also remember the days when my color printer required not 4 types of ink, but in an effort to be more ink efficient, up to 8 different cartridges.   I cringe at the memory of not using my color printer too often, as not to waste ink, only to realize the ink dried up or clotted in storage, making all the ink a complete waste.  I remember only printing if it was really necessary and being really strategic about what I printed.

My interest was definitely peaked when I learned about eprint and wireless printing which was first introduced with HP’s inkjet printers, but was willing to hold out until it was available on a LaserJet printer.  We are diehard lovers of our HP LaserJet printers and I can remember owning them as far back as junior high school and being ever so practical with 90% of my printing being just random stuff and never needed color, we were OK.

This has all changed with the HP ENVY 4500 e-All-in-One printer.  Yes it still uses ink cartridges.  Surprisingly only two which normally would make me cringe… until I discovered HP Instant Ink.  Now this isn’t about going print crazy, but HP Instant Ink has changed my life.  It is an ingenious subscription based ink replacement program that takes all the guesswork out of when you’ll need ink replacement.  When you enroll your wireless printer, they send you a welcome kit that includes your first set of ink cartridges as well as a pre-paid return envelope for your old authentic HP ink cartridges.  As long as your printer stays connected to the internet, HP will keep track of your printing habits and send you replacement cartridges as needed.

Even more flabbergasting is the price!   Depending on your usage, there is a price plan that fits you.  Starting at $2.99/month for up to 50 pages + $1.00 for each additional 15 pages, $1.00 for each additional 20 pages OR +$1.00 for each additional 25 pages.  I started off light on the $2.99/month package but already feel freed from the burden of strategically planning each print out!  In case you’re wondering, what if you don’t use all your monthly allotted pages?  They rollover! 

And color… well… just makes me happy.