[quote]Sitting Pretty at 28 weeks:  Starting Bed rest Week #3[/quote]

bed1I know everyone has been waiting for an update on Baby #3.  We’re doing great.  It’s been hard adjusting to being on bed rest, but we’re finally settling in.  It was one of the most hard decisions to come to but it finally came to a head, and I had to face reality.  The pain of my condition had become unbearable and working full-time was simply not an option as much as I loved my job.  I was already pushing it for weeks and probably taking way more pain medication that I should have been to make do.  I had to face the reality that it was no longer safe for myself and especially my patients if I couldn’t respond quickly to the fast-paced situations I was placed in as a Labor & Delivery nurse.  It was especially unfair to my co-workers who were graciously trying to help me and accommodate me at every turn.

It was a hard reality to face with many more weeks ahead.  I couldn’t imagine being on bed rest, out of commission for so long.  The 40 week mark just seemed so far away.   Those who know me, also know I have a hard time juggling anything less than 5-6 things on my plate and being immobile was simply not a part of any plan of mine.  There definitely was going to be a hard period of adjustment.

I tried hard the first few days to be good and make the most of it.  I was grateful to my doctor who encouraged a maximum of 2 hours movement a day, the other alternative being daily Heparin injections – No Thank You!  Those hours were my lifesavers and I’ll admit to stretching it a bit a few times but noticed immediately that there were painful consequences for those few extra minutes.

On the upside with much of my time spent resting, I have weaned off most of my pain medication and use it only as necessary, making both my doctor and husband happy.  2 hours of movement a day is all I can manage these days as my condition has worsened fairly rapidly but I take it in strides.  The organizational, perfectionist, Type-A in me has those 2 hours a day planned out to a T, it makes for a fun adventure.  I try to group things together like a trip to the bathroom, with a refill of my water pitch, throwing away of garbage along the way and dropping off some finished paperwork along the route to making my way down to eat lunch at the dining table with my son.  I laugh at how it irks me when I forget to do something on one of my strategically planned trips.

bed2I am loving all the time I am getting to spend with the children.  Especially my son, who relishes in the fact that I am home with him everyday now.  He doesn’t understand much more than our daily morning conversation which goes something like, “Mommy, you going to work?” “No Marcus, Mommy is staying home today.” Doing his little booty shake, hands up in the air, “Oh yea! Oh yea! It’s Mommy and Marcus day! Oh yea!  Oh yea!”  It just warms my heart how much he loves his days with me.  He’s definitely starting to realize that Mommy is home because she’s not well and he’s taken on the task of being my keeper.  He’ll often look at me with a cock of his head on my trips, “Mommy you hurt?”  and I’ll respond, “A little, its okay”.  He’ll tell me, “Mommy time for bed.  You go to bed.” He will then walk me back to our bedroom and climb right in beside me with a snuggle.

Sometimes on my 2 hour a day movement plan I can fit in a drop off or pick-up for my daughter and that’s a welcome change for her.  She loves it when I wake up refreshed and pain being minimal to start, that I can manage to get in a car and drop her off at the bus circle at school.  It’s really not much more than my sitting in a car as the school official helps her out of the car but the car ride is a nice quiet time we get to spend just the two of us, talking about her friends, school and everything else in between.  Despite being on bed rest we’re trying to maintain as much normalcy for the kids as possible.  While my home base may be my bedroom, we don’t want the kids to miss out on things like birthday parties or school events.  I’ve been lucky that her friend’s parents have been so understanding and eager to help.  Little Miss A had a birthday party just Friday, she did not want to miss at Pump It Up and because it was right after school, I was sure this wasn’t going to work out.  I could barely walk and the idea of following her and her classmates around for my 2 hours up and about made me wince in pain just thinking about it.  Luckily one of the moms jumped in and said they would pick her up from school, take her to the party and I could pick her up at the end.  Everything just worked out so nicely.

Until next time, thank you so much for all your words of encouragement and mostly for the support of twitter, video recommendations for my cue (Downton Abbey!). XOXO