Phantom Energy, More Scary than you Think

The greener side of me gets soooo peeved when my family leaves their chargers plugged in without anything actually charging.  It’s not just chargers, but everything from the rice maker plug which detached to video game systems with plug in power.  This is wasteful energy at its worst, although according to, it only accounts for 5% of energy waste, namely dubbed phantom energy.  But why waste at all?! The wires are live, charging with electricity, going… no where!  Treehugger proposed a great solution in surge protectors with a handy ON/OFF switch which I’d suggest to all households.  I know that’s not ideal for all situations but perhaps my recent discovery will give you pause enough to find a solution.

I momentarily stepped away from my room with the infant crawling around in what I assumed to be my baby-proofed bedroom to put some laundry in the basket right outside my bedroom door.  I came back seconds later to find my infant had detached the wire from the back of his father’s alarm clock and like all infant’s put it straight into his mouth.  I quickly grabbed it out of his mouth knowing that the other end of the plug was still in the outlet, touched the wet end and felt a tiny shock.  Yep!  A tiny shock.  I did touch it on purpose to know if my fears were founded and they were indeed.  Guess what my upset infant found while I had grabbed the wire from his mouth?  Quick as can be, as one wire came out, he had found another wire, this time… my husband’s phone charger without phone attached but still attached to the wall.  Yes, that went into his mouth as well!  I didn’t test that one but the paranoia in me had me fearing any electrical shock the baby may have gotten from a few seconds of sucking on “live” wire.   According to BabyCenter, my son was lucky.  Electric shock injuries can vary with infants from no symptoms to death.  Better safe than sorry, secure those phantom energy suckers and save some money doing so!