Peapod delivers!

I love collaborations!  Especially when they are able to combine both an educational and charitable component.  I was recently introduced to a fabulous program by the folks at Peapod, Kids Give Back.  This 4-week program is ideal for the 4th or 5th grade classroom, but with a little creativity could be adapted for any age group.  Peapod provides a tutorial on the nutritional consumption of their local community and utilizing its online services such as the Peapod NutriFilter to find the best values from both a price and nutritional perspective.  This is an amazing tool for parents and kids with special food needs.  It allows customization for all circumstances from caloric requirements to nut-free or dairy-free meals.

They then provide generous gift cards to the class to go shopping for their local food bank. Working together as a team, they are practicing relevant math skills to purchase the most nutritious and healthy foods Peapod has to offer.

Once the order is placed, the classroom may choose to have the Peapod driver make the delivery to the food bank or present their gift to the food bank in person.  I’ve heard many of the schools choose to present their gift in person and often even organize their own food drive to increase their gift giving.

I can’t think of a more wonderful way to teach kids about good nutrition and giving back.  If there’s anything I’ve learned with 3 kids under 8… They learn best when they are active participants.

For more information or to sign your school up, please visit Peapod on Facebook and click the Kids Give Back tab.