(OXO) Zoom! Babys growing up!

Oh the baby’s growing up!  When did this happen!?!  This weekend he officially moved into his toddler bed…. from our bed.  No one could be more sad than me and I don’t think anyone could be more shocked than he.  There was no preparation made.  One day his crib was there and the next, it was back with it’s original owner just in time for their new baby.  I don’t think he was too sad to see the crib go though.  While it was stylish addition to our home, aside from his naps, it was often his version of a crib jail.

Once again shopping for a crib mattress was overwhelming as the options have obviously grown since our last purchase, but sometimes the oldies are still goodies!  We opted once again to purchase a Naturepedic crib mattress after evaluating all the new organic mattresses on the market.  I still didn’t feel that the other organic mattresses were truly organic. Many touted that they were waterproof, as does Naturepedic, and only their mattress is made from Easy-to-clean 100% polyethylene, NOT vinyl.  While we did purchase a waterproof mattress from Naturepedic, I did opt to purchase an additional waterproof mattress pad, also from from Naturepedic.  Me and my ick factor, one more layer of protection is FINE by me.  PEE be warned!

[quote]The bed is made and the infant still won’t sleep.[/quote]   Still racking our brains, the toddler turns to us and says, “Mommy he needs a little light like me!”  BINGO! God that child’s a darn genius.  A googling we went and the selection was scarce.  Okay, not scarce, but nothing all too appealing except…. for the OXO Candela Zoom!  A quick call to our friends at OXO who were happy to help the infant sleep tight at night, and ZOOM!… it was here!  At first glance, it was a lot smaller than I expected, although where those expectations came from… who knows.  I mean, what did I think it should look like?  It’s a night light, not a light!  It turned out to be the perfect size for the infant.  This definitely challenged the traditional idea of night light.  I was thinking of something that plugged into a wall and was static in postion.  With soft edges and a hidden power source, it was perfectly safe on his table, in arm’s reach and even in his bed!  He actually can be seen dragging it all over the house hours before bedtime.  Some kids have blankies, mine has Zoom!  It also comes with a really cool “docking” station for recharging with each charge lasting an appropriate 8 hours.  Just enough overnight time.  We’re lucky to have gotten our hands on this ship!  Word on the street is once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Good night sweet pea!  Sweet dreams!