New Year, New You! #Mom1st #OTCSafety

It’s a FACT.  Mom’s are the hardest working people around.  Recently it took a very dramatic collapse at work for me to wake up to this reality.  Oh yes, very dramatic.  Being that I work in a hospital, a collapse in the bathroom means a medical rapid response.  My clinical diagnosis at the time was a severe migraine (my very first), exhaustion and dehydration.  It was a huge wake up call for my entire family, not just myself.  It took this dramatic turn of events for my family to realize I was overworked and overtired.  All things I knew to be true, but felt I could do nothing about it.  I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve felt myself feverish, but never took a temp.  I’ve covered up a cold, treating the symptoms just to function.  There have been too many times where an ache or pain is simply an ache or pain that I have to get over, after all my family depends on ME!

I recently was diagnosed with a Ethmoid Mucocele which requires surgery.  While the diagnosis of exhaustion still rings true — the visual change, severe headache (which to this day has not disappeared) and delayed memory function was attributed to this new finding, the real reason for my collapse.  Oddly enough, it was my husband’s insistence that I take it easy, and take care of myself.  Which resulted in my following up (with a lot of nudging) with the neurologist and ENT specialists, something I normally would have put on my list and just pushed back and pushed back until completely forgotten.  This development was frightening and quite an eye opener.  I’ve been taking my own health for granted way too long.

So this #newyear, when making your #resolution.  Make one to put mom FIRST.  A little tender-loving care for Mom can go along away for a happier healthier mom.  After all a mom that is not functioning is no good to anyone.  Call it a little preventive care.  Happy New Year!