My UltraShape Story – Part 3: The Struggle is Real

After Treatment #2
After Treatment #2

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The only thing they tell you to do after a treatment is to watch your fat intake for the next several days.  Why you ask?  When you eat, the first thing your body does is process what it needs for energy  and any excess is then processed into stored fats for when you might need it.  It is always your body’s first goal to store and save fat.  When you are working out, your body burns muscle first, before it burns fat, which is why it can be discouraging for many wanting to see instant results from their workouts.  Sound familiar? That’s how I got into my funk!

After Treatment #2
After Treatment #2

Watching my fat intake has been tough. What an eye opener it has been.  Remember my first post about my change in diet habits? Well it turns out, I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. I definitely was making more conscience choices about my dietary intake but I found myself still indulging in a “bite” or “two” of things that just aren’t healthy.  I buy bottles of water now when we are eating out, but my family doesn’t seem to think they should diet just because I am on one, so they get soda.  I won’t lie and say I didn’t have a sip.  When my daughter wanted Red Mango, I really wanted Red Mango but said no, feeling incredibly guilty for saying no to her because I didn’t want to be tempted.

I’ve definitely seen real results so far with UltraShape and made more adjustments to my lifestyle.  It’s made me feel better about myself, about my body and life in general. This experience has been amazing.  Everyone’s outpouring of support has been what’s given me the courage to continue to share my story.  So many of you have the “mommy pouch” and are struggling as well. I truly believe that in supporting one another, we can accomplish anything.  You all have gotten me through this, helped me have a better opinion of my body and rallied me through this. I’ve had many people come up to me, who don’t know about my treatments with UltraShape,telling me how great I look and asking me what I’m doing. It’s been fun sharing my story, and showing them that they can do it too.

I’ve got one more UltraShape treatment to go and I’m so excited to be finishing this series and showing you the full before and after shots!


Q: What exactly is UltraShape? Is it the same UltraSound that takes pictures of your baby?
A: UltraShape uses UltraSound like that of taking pictures of your baby but with a targeted frequency that only targets fat cells.  It “shakes them up” until they burst. Watch the below “Be #UltraYou with #UltraShape” for a full explanation.

Q: How much does UltraShape cost?
A: It is a series of 3 treatments costing approximately $1000 per treatment.  Patients can get additional treatments every 2 weeks or maintance every 6 months. Based on their initial consultation, they will come up with an individualized plan for your body.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: It feels like your phone vibrating on your buttock for a second at a time.  At times, when they have been focusing on an area for a bit, it can get warm and start to feel like they are zapping you with electrolysis.  Simply let your technician know and they can move to another spot for a bit and come back to that area.  They won’t forget as the computer maps out the entire area for them to treat and won’t give that “treatment completed” screen until they’ve covered the entire area.

Q: Is it permanent?
A: Unlike wraps which our social media streams are being flooded with spam from, which only provides temporary results, with continued exercise and healthy diet, UltraShape’s results are permanent.

{ disclosure: In exchange for one Ultra Shape Treatment series through the SocialMoms Network, I agreed to document my experience with #UltraShape.  No monetary compensation was received.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }