My Hero!

Perhaps a prelude to the New Years Eve festivities but every where our preparation for celebration took us, we spotted flipped over cars every where!  4 accidents where the cars were literally upside down!  This gal took herself off the road after the 4th sighting, never knowing if the next one could be me.

The first sighting this morning had us on the Hutchinson River Parkway, on our way to our favorite Stew Leonards.  A van had completely flipped over in front of our eyes and landed on its side on the opposite side of the highway.  Traffic quickly came to a halt on both sides.  I quickly dialed 911 with my hands-free phone to report the accident.  I had spotted children in the van and was very worried.  Unfortunately being on the other side of the highway I couldn’t get out to help but felt comfort in the fact that help was on its way.  Traffic started to move again on our side.  My 3 year old daughter was sitting in the back seat.  She was visibly shaken and told me so.  As I hung up with the 911 operator, she asked me, “Please call daddy mommy, he can help them!”  My heart just melted.  Her daddy was her hero.  He could do anything, including save those people in the accident.