Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

I’ve never had much time to think about what I really want for Mother’s Day gift-wise, but with a sprained ankle and doctor’s orders to rest, I realized it’s not that hard to find great products that are as beautiful and special as your mom.



Luxe Bloom Four Rose Cube – $70

These beautiful flowers require no water and last up to 60 days! We first fell in love with their Beauty and the Beast Glass Cloche {$55} which lasted well beyond the 60 days.

Valleybrink Road Gift Boxes – $100-$375

Obsessed! I can’t take credit for this find. H/T Jamie Chung who got a beautiful box from the equally beautiful Jennifer Morrison. Wish I lived in Cali just so I could gift (and get) this fresh flower version!

Shutterfly Photo Mousepad  from $9.99

Still one of my favorite gifts, find a really cool picture and make it forever. I’ve had this on my desk for years and it always puts a smile on my face.

HP Sprocket Pocket Printer $130

Perfectly portable, the Sprocket lets you create 2×3″ stickable
snapshots on the go! We love this so much! I’ve decorated my school notebooks and even my work locker with them.

Oka-B Sandals from $40

My absolute favorite vacation sandals! Every year I get 2 pairs and they last me all season. Super cute and super comfy, they transition well from beach well into the night.

Next Vacay $25/year

One of my favorite discoveries as I have committed to traveling the world with my daughter. This husband and wife team scours all the sites and finds the most amazing deals, making wanderlust more within your budget.

Minted Stationery Essentials Kit $35

Love everything Minted! Year after year we’ve gotten Minted holiday cards and never been disappointed. These luxurious cards hand-pressed with real foil and rich inks, a stitch-bound notebook, and sophisticated black and gold pen in a beautiful muslin pouch is perfect for mom.

Plum Print – starting at $40

I wish I could keep ever piece of beautiful artwork my kids create, but with 3 kids that can amount to a LOT of artwork. Preserve the memories with this beautiful book. All the hard work is done for you, just ship the pieces and a proof will be created for you to curate! Expiring 6/30/2017 Get $20 OFF with this voucher.