More than Perfect Personalization with 76th & Newbury

When it comes to buying gifts I just love finding that perfect personal gift with that extra touch. Yes there are sites like Etsy, which will still remain a favorite go to, but when 76th & Newbury approached me for a partnership, I was just giddy with glee!  How did they know that I was looking for a personalized travel map?! If you’ve been following along with my blog, you know that my daughter and I just started our travel bucket list and the bug has hit big in this family now. I looked and looked for the perfect Travel Map, and sorry Etsy… you failed me there. There were many options, but each one just didn’t meet all my needs. Every time I message a shop about a small change, many were pretty set in their templates and unwilling to make changes. If they were willing, each change or different color added to the price and before you knew it, it was way more than the initial selling price. Even more frustrating was the design process where there was NO proofing before printing. How was I going to know if it was exactly what I asked for?!

Isn’t it PERFECT just the way it is?

Now if you know me, I am a visualizer. I have to be able to visualize everything. I remember my very first apartment and how I knew it was MY apartment. Completely empty, I could picture where everything would go and exactly how it would be living there. That’s exactly how I felt about the Travel Map I was so earnestly searching for. I could picture it in my head and now just needed to find it.

When I first got the email from 76th and Newbury, I quickly checked out the site. I immediately fell in love with the Push Pin Travel Map EXACTLY as it was displayed and I wanted it! The color scheme and framing was exactly what I pictured in my mind and I knew exactly where it would go in my home. I was beyond excited now.

The order process was completely seamless. As soon as my order was placed, I received an automated email to start the customization process. As soon as I filled it out, the designer began to work on our project and so began a series of rapid fire emails. As quick as I responded was as quick as my designer, Reagan worked. It was so amazing to have this personalized touch. What I thought was already perfect was made even more so with little details that I didn’t think about and Reagan didn’t miss any details. At one point I almost forgot to give her a year and she reminded me that the templated 2010 probably wasn’t what I wanted or was it? As each proof came, it came with a sweet note:
[pullquote style=”left”] Please check your proof carefully for all spellings, colors, etc. I send a proof to ensure every detail is just right with your order 🙂 You receive unlimited revisions so we can make sure to get this just right for you![/pullquote]

If you know me, I am always tweaking just a bit more. Reagan never blinked an eye, from adding capitals and overlays and denoting special locations with a special icon. Reagan made sure my Push Pin Travel Map was PERFECT! I think we must have gone back and forth about 6 or 7 times. Each time I got a proof with the changes requested. I do have to say with the finer details it was really hard to see them on the proof, I did order a rather LARGE print 30″ x 40″, but at that point, I just trusted Reagan.

Did it meet my expectations? BEYOND. I ordered the 30″ x 40″ canvas print and while that beautiful black frame wasn’t a part of the design, it was perfect.


Established in 2005 when we first became a family.
Obviously we got to get more of these pins into more international territories! +1 for London!

This map can be purchased as an art paper print or on canvas. I highly recommend the canvas. Not only does it hold the pins beautifully, it also just looks a touch more nicer. With a print, you’ll have to mount it separately to start pinning but the canvas is good to go once received! Once all our pins were placed, it definitely left much travel to be had as we saw so much of the map without those pretty little pins. I was grateful that we were able to add a pin to London, the first of many international travels for Ava and I. Check out our London story HERE. Hopefully we’ll be adding many more over the years!

Besides this gorgeous customized travel map, 76th & Newbury has a ton of other amazing obsession worthy customized prints and gifts. Right at Christmas time, I was overwhelmed and completely frazzled by all the present buying, menu planning and Elf duties. I was thrilled to find their Elf Guru section which came packed with a ton of ideas and printables which totally kept my sanity intact! Check out their site and start working with your own designer on that one of a kind, perfect gift!

{ disclosure: This was a partnership with 76th and Newbury. I received a free personalized Travel Map in exchange for my honest review of the process and purchase. The Ultimate Elf Guide was SELF-PURCHASED as were the map pins. As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }