Mixing Things Up with the HTC One Remix #VZWBuzz

remixWhen I found out I was getting the HTC One Remix, no one was more excited than my husband. He was super excited for me having been an HTC Droid DNA user. His words, “It’s like my DNA, but the newer, better one… and my DNA is awesome! It’s just your size!”  He loved his Droid DNA.  When he got pick-pocketed in Coney Island, he went right out and bought the same phone again despite there being newer phones out on the market.

I definitely loved the smaller size. While having a larger screen definitely had its perks. I was always fumbling with them and my small hands, always needed two hands to handle larger phones. My husband knows me so well, a smaller phone was definitely more my speed.

I have become more accustomed to Android and now can customize my new phone rather quickly now. Whenever I do a switch, I love to do a reevaluation of my phones apps. After a while my phone can get boggled down with games for the kids and random apps that I test out here and there. I love clean sweeps. Obviously there are apps that I must have, like my social media tools and medical apps, from there I can evaluate which apps I keep and which stay in the cloud.

What I love about the HTC One Remix is that I was able to expand it’s memory. I bought a microSD card super cheap on Amazon and on longer have to worry about memory issues. As a social media mom, I take a TON of pictures and videos, download apps and files and it’s itty bitty 16GB on-board memory does not suffice for all I need from my phone.

selfieSpeaking of a social media mom that takes a ton of pictures, obviously many are selfies and on the fly documentations for social media shares, this camera is awesome.  I love the selfie mode where it does a count down so you can do a quick check.  It has an awesome 13MP camera, 5MP in the selfie mode, so those pics are better than most.  Check out the details in my selfie picture as I finished my #MiracleMarathon.

We also love BOOMSOUND.  What mom hasn’t had to whip out the phone and occupy the kiddos with a video.  The sound quality is amazing, I’m not sure any other phone will do unless it has BOOMSOUND.

They often describe this phone as the pared down M8 with much less horsepower, but let me tell you, it is still a powerhouse. I put it through intense use. I am never far from my phone and use it much more than the average user. There are small lags, but if you have an older phone prior to, this is still a huge upgrade. I can run multiple applications and it has no problems handling my load. With my recent running addiction, I am signed onto Charity Mile supporting Every Mother Counts, as well as Nike+ Run supporting the (RED) campaign while I am running both RunKeeper and Strava as I figure out which app I like better for tracking my running stats. All of these apps require GPS tracking and I am playing music at the same time or taking a phone call during my run. This even impressed my husband. Because the accuracy of my stats are important to me, the ability to switch from app to app quickly, especially when ending my run, is vital to knowing if my splits and my minutes per mile are improving.

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love!  }