In a Minute… Independence

IMG_899451167705897While I was pretty sure that Lucas would be our last baby, it makes every first moment very bittersweet.  In an odd twist, Lucas has been the most carefree when it comes to firsts, making those moments one that I wish for and yet long for not to come.  For instance walking finally.  Everyone’s first question these days is, Oooh is he walking yet?  My response would always be a sad, No, not yet as I know he’s just taking a tad bit longer than his older siblings.  The pressure was on for him to take his first steps.  He would take one or two every once in a while but no real desire to do more than that.  After all crawling came naturally to him more so than his siblings.  With my crazy work schedule these days, my biggest fear was missing this first moment, the moment when it clicks for him.  And it happened.

IMG_899455463102718After a long day at work I came home to a very different little boy.  Just in time for Independence day, I saw the look of determination on his face.  He stood up and wobbled slowly over to me with a huge toothy grin.  When he reached my outreached arms he gave me a big hug and then planted a wet kiss on my face.  He was proud of himself.  In a minute, he just grew up before my eyes.  I knew that would be the very last time I would see a very first step from one of my babies and it was profoundly wonderful and sad at the same time.

Happy 4th!  Now we are waiting on his first words!