Meet Daniel Tiger #DanielTigerPBS

dtn2Growing up, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was one of two shows (the other being Sesame Street) I was allowed to watch.  Both my sister and I loved watching Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.  We were glued to the screen from the moment he walked through the door introducing us to the day’s topic and into the Land of Make Believe, where we got lost in stories with King Friday, Henrietta, Mr McFeely and Prince Tuesday.  We would religiously tune in every day to follow the week’s story line and can still remember the words to theme song, It’s  beautiful day in the neighborhood…Won’t you please, Won’t you please, Please won’t you be my neighbor?   Mister Rogers neighborhood talk to us about everything from make-believe, to feelings and issues that we worried about at the time like going to a new school and why parents have to go to work.

Of all the things that have come full circle, the reincarnation of Mister Rogers’ neighborhood is my favorite.  I love that they didn’t try to redo the irreplaceable Mister Fred Rogers’ but tried to take cues and inspiration from the original series.  Daniel Tiger is the son of the original Daniel Striped Tiger, and while my children won’t necessarily pick up on the familiarity of the Land of Make Believe, my heart warms every time Daniel encounters one of my old friends from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood like Henrietta Pussycat and Lady Elaine Fairchilde.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is based on the child development philosophies of Fred Rogers, which focus primarily on social and emotional issues that preschoolers face. They still address important things like feelings, giving kids the strategies to deal with their emotions.  I love that a lot of the people that helped create Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood help create this Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood making sure they are carrying on the work that he did!


All I can say is that my kids are lucky ducks.  They can extend the play with Daniel Tiger toys, available exclusively at Toys R Us.  Just in time for the holidays, every toy is designed with the development philosophies of Fred Rogers for continued open ended play and inspiring creativity.  While Daniel Tiger is geared towards preschool age, the messaging resonates with my older children too. I love watching everyone from my 7 month old to my 9 year old engaging with Daniel Tiger.  As you can see baby Luca loves his Daniel Tiger Plush and the 3-in-1 Transformation Treehouse is a huge hit with my 3 older children.  Marcus has Neighborhood Trolley on his Christmas wish list too.

Tune into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, weekdays on PBS Kids and visit Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on!

{ disclosure: I participated in this program on behalf of The Fred Rogers Company and The Motherhood. As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }