Marvel Super Hero Mashers – Action Figures Gone Wild!!

IMG_1251{ disclosure:  I received free Marvel Super Hero Mashers from Hasbro.  As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }

They couldn’t have arrived at a better time. My son, who had been couped up in the house for several days (due to the heavy snow we received), was thrilled to find two “super hero boxes” waiting for him at our doorstep. He could barely contain his excitement when he was opening up the package to discover new figures that he could play with. Little did he know, these were no ordinary super heroes… The toys he was about to enjoy were the new Marvel Super Hero Mashers by Hasbro. These creative new action figures are not only some of the most popular super hero characters, but their parts are interchangeable, creating personalized and new characters, not to mention hours of endless entertainment for any child that loves super heroes! Our four year old boy couldn’t wait to rip the packaging open and start playing.IMG_1255

While he needed a short lesson on how his new ‘Mashers’ were meant to be used, my son quickly mastered the art of putting together his own creations and aptly gave his new super heroes different names, depending on what parts he had integrated. While I assumed that his toddler attention span (or lack thereof) would kick in and he would grow tired of this new toy, he wound up playing “Mash Ups” for a solid hour. No Joke!IMG_1268
Marvel Super Hero Mashers are one of the latest and hottest super hero toys to come on the market. They provide (literally) hours of entertainment, even for the littlest super hero fans. There are many characters to choose from, so it’s hard to imagine ever growing tired of playing. They are easy to assemble and even easier to take apart. The only complaint that my four year old had on occasion was that “Captain Thor’s leg fell off” to which I reminded him he could easily put it right back where he thought it belonged. A must-have toy for ages 4 and up!


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