Making Warm Memories with #TargetWedding #Sponsored #GIVEAWAY

One of the things I was most looking forward when I got married was creating my own memories and traditions with my husband.  Having not grown up with this, while many friends would often complain about that annual family dinner or activity, I would be so envious.  I loved the idea of setting up the home, inviting people over and spending time with those I loved.  I found I loved to entertain in our new family home.

My new husband and I clocked many hours in the kitchen, planning our menus, trying out new recipes.  We each found our little roles in the kitchen.  I became the baker and more of the appetizer maker, while my husband was the steak and potatoes guy.  Having grown up in a more traditional Chinese family, he also brought to the table a knowledge of chinese herbs and spices and can make various complicated Chinese soups and meals which take hours in aCrock-Pot® Programmable Slow Cooker.  These are the recipes and traditions that many grandparents take with them to their graves.  I once mourned that I would never possess these recipes and knowledge to create these delicious concoctions.  It only made me fall in love with him even more.  We spent much time perfecting our routine and dishes, soon sharing them with family and friends.

partyOne of my most treasured wedding gifts was my KitchenAid Ultra Power 4.5 Qt Stand Mixer.  It was my very grown up, now married kitchen accessory.  I still remember fondly exactly who bought it for me, my former boss and mentor.  Over the years it has clocked many hours making cakes and other various desserts and cooking concoctions.

kitchensurfing_lance1Every year my husband and I like to add something new to our holidays.  I like to collect one or two season home decorations, while my husband amasses these inflatable holiday displays which has one new addition each year.  Target has always been our go to for these seasonal products.  Not only are they reasonably priced, they are also stylish, beautiful and last through the years.  They have become items I’ve treasured over the years.  It has definitely become our thing.  Each year our friends marvel at our displays.

We’ve not got entertaining down to a science with all of our fabulous tools.  I prepare the desserts and supporting dishes in advance, while a hearty meal can be slow cooked to perfection in our slow cooker, allowing us to really spend the quality time we want and not be stressed with our guests and making memories my family and I will treasure for years to come.

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