Luxury Parenting

Jayneoni Moore always puts together the best parties!  Today was no exception.  All in one room I got to check out some of the latest and greatest in luxury parenting products.  What were some of my favorites?

I couldn’t get enough of Ty and Lumi’s organic bedding!  Their cotton crib sheets are super silky soft!  Not only are they eye catching but they spoke to my heart when they told me how they got their humble start.  Their children suffered from severe allergies and eczema and going organic was a step in the right direction.  Sound familiar?

Always a fan of P’kolino, we’re totally digging their new multi-solution puzzles, especially the fun aquarium one and going ga-ga over their new safari furniture line.

Puppy & Bean had me laughing so hard with their adorable line of clothing that says really says what we think.  With shirts that read,  I’m just testing your patience which has the toddler’s name written all over it. … and Mom Confessional’s all about this — Product of Imperfect Parenting, soon to be my kids motto.  Love love love the [front] CATCH ME, [back] if you can!  It’s smart ass… like my kids.

A Mom Confessional’s favorite, Smart Mom launched their first scented Teething Bling in a delicious Vanilla.  I don’t know that the child will be teething on it as much as he will be trying to eat it.  This was also the first time I laid eyes on the Babe Magnet tie.  She is one Smart Mom for sure, a tie that hides a rattle and a squeaker.

Luxury doesn’t even describe the beautiful clothing line from Boské Kids.  The detailing and materials used are impeccable!  Exquisite is a much more appropriate word.  Word on the street is it’s coming state side real soon!  But until then, you can have them sent across the border from

Look out for more in-depth product reviews coming soon from some other stars of the  show!