Lock Up Your Phone #Samsung #S5 #VZWBuzz

S5With identity theft on the rise it’s important to take steps to ensure your data is safe.   If you’re like me, your phone has become more than an accessory to your life, it’s a necessity.   My reliance on it for day to day survival may be more extreme than others, especially as a social media mom.   I can forget everything else, but I can never forget my phone.  It’s devastating to me when the battery dies, imagine if I lost it?

The Samsung S5 comes packed with a little known fort knox level security package.

  • One of my favorite features of the iPhone was the Find My iPhone locator.  Android didn’t come on board until recently, and often it was a feature you needed to pay for until now.  With a free Samsung account, you can locate or wipe your phone remotely. If it is stolen, you can also, neatly, and much to the chagrin of the thief, prevent it from being reactivated (SETTINGS> SECURITY> REACTIVATION LOCK). 
  • Fingerprint scanner (SETTINGS> FINGERPRINT) –  This is one of my favorite features of the S5.  My kids are always trying to access my phone despite my telling them I have no games installed on MY phone.  With the fingerprint scanner, only I can unlock my phone.  For the moments you need someone to check something, there is an option to use an alternate password which I made extra lengthy just in case.
  • Handling a lot of top secret documents, encrypt your phone. (SETTINGS>SECURITY> ENCRYPT DEVICE and ENCRYPT EXTERNAL SD CARD)  This deactivates the Fingerprint scanner, but adds an additional layer of protection with another password every time the phone is powered up.  Note, the initial encryption process can take over an hour to complete.
  • Private Mode – Not needing Fort Knox Level security, just some privacy from prying eyes?  Activate the Private Mode (SETTINGS> PERSONAL> PRIVATE MODE) to secure photos, videos, music, voice recordings and other files stored in My Files.  You can access the files with fingerprint scan, pin or pattern.
  • For those who are worried about personal safety, the Samsung S5 comes equipped with the Safety Assistance feature (SETTINGS> SYSTEM > SAFETY ASSISTANCE > SEND HELP MESSAGES).  Once the “Send Help Messages” activated, when you click the power button quickly (3) times, it will automatically turn on location and send your location and an SOS text message to your designated contact.  It will even send pictures from your front and rear camera as well as a quick sound recording.
  • WATERPROOF – Yes this qualifies to me, as a mom, as a security feature.  It’s been put to the test many times and yes, it is waterproof making all those time my kids knock their juice over  OK.

I might not need all these added features but activating them sure made me feel a lot better!

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s MORE to love!  }