Living Effortlessly with Walmart Effortless Meals

effortlessI fondly always call my family as my zoo.  With 4 kids and all with very busy lives, the one thing I look forward to each day is sitting down with them for dinner.  It’s the only time, if at all, that the entire family gets together just to pause and catch up.  During the summer time, despite school being out, the kids seem busier than ever.  Between camp and all the activities I have planned for them like actually going to the zoo, the library, museums, the beach, etc., By the time mealtime hits, I’m plum exhausted.  I’m very fortunate that my mother in law cooks for the majority of the week, but when she doesn’t, I like to provide my family with delicious, healthy options, but I admit that doesn’t always happen.  Then I learned about Walmart Effortless Meals, available at Walmart Superstores across the country.  

walmart_saladHave you ever been to a Walmart Superstore?  It’s amazing!!!  I thought my local Walmart had a lot, but WOW!  Walmart Superstores have everything!  I think you could literally live there!  I digress.   The Walmart Superstore I went to, in Bayonne New Jersey, opened right into their grocery section.  Calling it a grocery section is such a terrible description since it has everything from a bakery, to fresh cooked meal options in their Walmart Effortless Meals.  This summer Coca-Cola paired up with Walmart to encourage more family fun time Walmart Effortless Meals.  By purchasing Coca-Cola products with your favorite Walmart Effortless Meals you can unlock points for things like Amusement Park tickets or Movie tickets and much much more through their My Coke Rewards program.  They have a ton of options to really create an Effortless Meal perfect for your family.  Everything from salads, sides, sandwichses, variety of pizza (their meat lovers pizza is amazing!) and rotisserie chicken options.  I can easily put together a quick picnic in the park, or movie under the stars meal and focus on quality family time. 

walmart_cokeWalmart Effortless Meals are available at Walmart Superstores Nationwide.

{disclosure : This is a sponsored post by The Coca-Cola Company.  Anyone who knows me, knows I hardly ever cook, Walmart Effortless Meals are right up my alley! Paired with my favorite refreshing beverage, ice cold Coke, it’s a no brainer! )