Let’s Talk about Poop! #OTCSafety

{ disclosure: I am an #OTCSafety Ambassador.  As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }


There never is a time that poop is more talked about then when you have children.  Straight from the nursery at the hospital you are told to count the amount of poopy diapers your new baby has every day.  You sort of become obsessed with poop from that point on!  Pooping just tells you so much about your child’s digestive health.  My kids range from infant to elementary age and each of them have their own poop stage.  Right now my family is still in that infancy obsession with how many times Luca’s pooping and now that he’s eating some solids, what and if something is causing him some constipation?  We’re playing our very own version of House, medical detective.  Maybe Luca is lactose intolerant, he hasn’t pooped today… oooh Luca pooped 4 times today, something must not agree with him.  Ooooh Luca has diarrhea, do you think he’s sick?

The elementary age is a fun poop stage.  I feel like it’s a return to the infancy poop stage.  Always a belly ache and never able to tell us what the cause is.  Is it an upcoming test?  or is it constipation?  Forget asking if they’ve pooped, they can’t remember!  Oh my, could it be appendicitis?   Because a tummy ache can be so much more, it’s important to monitor and treat them appropriately.  I found an awesome article to decipher these mysteries of the bowel:  http://otcsafety.org/en/experts/decoding-the-symptoms-common-stomach-intestinal-problems-in-children-and-ad/  Most helpful to me was understanding constipation.  Did you know constipation is so much more than just hard stool? So many of us visit the pediatrician for “constipation” and while sometimes it is, many times it’s treatable with simple lifestyle changes like regular exercise, increased fluid consumption, higher fiber diet, discontinuing cow’s milk and behavior modification (such as toilet breaks at regular intervals).  If you do choose to you OTC medications, always be safe and reading the labels for proper dosing of any OTC medicine.

Happy Pooping!