Not Just Another Blogger Conference, It’s Blogger Bash! #BBNYC

Fashion AngelsIf you’ve been blogging for a few years, gone to many blogger conferences as I have, you’re probably over the Blogging 101 and other how to start tutorials.  You might be wondering what the next evolution of your blog may be and if there is anything else for you to learn at a Blogger Conference other than Blogging for Dummies.  I am of the schooling where the learning never ends, but the last few conferences I’ve attended left me wondering what was out there for someone who’s been blogging for as many years as I have been.   That’s where Blogger Bash comes in.  Last week I joined hundreds of other elite and seasoned bloggers in my stomping ground, NYC, many of whom descended as far as cross country, eager to take their blog to the next level.

14527491447_1854ea27e6_k The amazing team of Real Mom Media – Joey Fortman and Stephanie Glover, Charlene Chronicle – Charlene DeLoach and The Big Toy Book – Laurie Schacht really did an amazing job.  The sessions were actually ones I wanted to attend and made time to attend, I haven’t been able to say that about many conferences I’ve been to.  I got to honor Leticia Barr who won this years Bloganthropy Awards for her amazing work #Bloggers4Haiti as well as support my friends and fellow bloggers like Sarah Fader who is trying hard to create awareness with her #StigmaFighter movement.  It was a beautiful tribute and reminder that blogging can be a powerful thing and using our voices for the social good isn’t just a calling it’s a must. 14527318838_a1a2c3b86c_k

While many of the brands showcasing at the event I have worked with in the past, I am one who values her IRL relationships as well as online relationships and welcomed the chance to put a face to a name with brands like my favorite Joovy and their delightful rep, Pam.  That’s the true sign of a blogger that’s evolved when she values building relationships.  Speed Dating with Brands was a fun way to get more than a minute of a brands time in passing and have a chance to really forge that connection.  I got a chance to sit down with brands I’ve worked with before but didn’t have a strong  relationship with in the past and really aimed to make an impression with the chance for a partnership in the future. 14527313559_b8681c1596_kOf course there was your fair share of amazing parties.

The Big Toy Book and Real Mom Media stunned us with another amazing Sweet Suite.  While there was plenty of toys and products we were familiar with, there was plenty of new and exclusive sneak peaks of what’s to come.  I always love a good secret like the too cute Tink we got to go home with at the Disney Infinity 2.0 preview.  I know a couple of boys who will love getting the Build your own Hexbug kit for the holidays and I added the redesigned Cozy Coupe to the list for little Luca.  The Chatster from SpinMaster is sure to be a hit with the Little Miss who was already gushing over the gorgeous gowns at Just Pretend Kids. Joseph Nogucci

The fabulous team at Element Associates put together an awesome Social Suite filled with many familiar faces and lots of new ones. I had to go home and pick up the kids but I made sure to run back and check out EA Events Social Suite.  I loved chatting with Alex’s Lemonade and Autotex Pink.  My daughter snatched my Joseph Nogucci necklace right away and we can’t wait to get our Wubble Bubble Ball fun on!

Partnering with KidzVuz for their amazing BTS party was a real coup.  It was such a great way to end Blogger Bash, with our families.  My kids had such an awesome time.  My Marcus spent his time at UrbanSitter and Project Playdate Childcare site and while he knew not what he was missing in the other room, he was all smiles and had such a great time with his sitters.  Ava started the party off with getting dolled up at the StarStable station and couldn’t wait to get online and play.  They all loved getting their super cool tote filled with their essential school supplies by School Specialty.  The kids were super giddy with glee to leave with their favorite Lands End backpacks and the ever cool Guardians of the Galaxy mask.

There was so much more, I need to take a pause and digest.  If you’re considering conferences for the upcoming year, definitely put Blogger Bash on your list for MUST ATTEND and check out our Flickr album and Instagram feed to see what you missed!