It’s a Snap with Peapod!

dinner courtesy of Peapod - Organic Chicken Wings
dinner courtesy of Peapod – Organic Chicken Wings

It’s no secret, I’m a busy girl. I’m always running around, it’s always GO GO GO! One thing I do several times a week is grocery shop. Yes several times a week as I’m always forgetting something. With’s recent expansion into the 5 boroughs of New York City, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier and grocery shopping online with was right up my alley.

Just an example of the craziness in my life, just as I was winding down for the night, I realized I forgot to place my order on  I thought that I probably would have to adjust my order as I wasn’t sure that I could get delivery until next week but before I forgot, I sat down at my computer and started my order. Right away I loved that “organic” had its own tab.  Eating healthier and more organic has been high priority in our family and clicking on that tab as a starting point was perfect! In just a few clicks I had meals for several days and stocked a few essential pantry items in my electronic basket. Rounding out my order, I clicked on New York’s Best. No longer living in the heart of New York City, I was salivating at the amazing selection of local and specialty food products from Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse to Balthazar Bakery all just a click away!

At checkout I was thrilled to see delivery times for the next day were more than available and there was even selections for GREEN delivery window which helps Peapod reduce carbon emissions, allowing them to consolidate orders in a specific area, thereby reducing the mileage between orders.


  • How easy it was to place an order
  • Loved all the organic offerings and sorted into its own tab!
  • Love how you can make personal shopping lists and even look up previous orders.
  • Even easier, check out Gatheredtable where you can build your weekly meal plan and instantly add all the ingredients to your Peapod shopping cart.
  • Delivery was a quick as next morning!
  • Tip can be included with your order!


  • Earlier notification if an item was out of stock, allowing me to make substitutions. I learned my 2 steaks weren’t available at my delivery making the husband very disappointed as our dinner plans had to change.

Using was a snap! It was so easy to put together my grocery list, I know it will be perfect for my next dinner party!


One (1) lucky Mom Confessionals Reader living in one of the 5 boroughs is getting a $100 Peapod gift card to experience all the perks of shopping on and perhaps once and for all say goodbye to the many hassles that come with grocery shopping in the city.

{ disclosure: I received a gift code to subsidize my purchase, groceries for a family as large as mine costs alot! As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }