Hydrating your Life #OTCSafety

I am not sure there is anything more than I am more familiar with than dry skin.  I have been battling it my entire life.  It’s funny despite how easy it is to manage, many of us just don’t take the few simple and logical steps to keeping our skin healthy and supple.  The winter can be particularly brutal on even the best of skin.

The first and most basic of skin hydration is to drink lots of water.  It’s amazing how I can drink 2 liters of water at work in a blink and yet when I am home, running about, I realize, I barely drink anything at all throughout the day.  One thing I have recently added to my morning routine is to drink a cup of luke warm water with lemon.  I recently did a cleanse and one of the tips for daily living was to drink a cup of warm water with lemon to kick start your digestive system and waken your organs the right way.   The vitamin C in the lemon is known to revitalize your skin from the inside out.  As someone with chronic eczema flare ups, I know there is only so much you can put on externally but healing from the inside out can go a long way.  Starting with a cup of warm water to kick start your day, continue to hydrate through out!

Humidifiers are a must for the winter time.  With heaters running and drying the air, you may notice your skin is a little more than thirsty.  Worst case scenario, you can have nosebleeds like those my little man has been having.  They can definitely be a bit of a pain to maintain but I love my Honeywell Cool-Mist Humidifier.  It’s incredibly easy to clean, just separate the parts and place in the top rack of your dishwasher with no filters!  It also has a nice fine mist that doesn’t leave a mess.  Also if you are humidifying a room, it’s best to elevate the machine for more distribution of humidity as water is heavier than air and will sink quickly.

Wear your gloves!  In addition to moisturizing, gloves help to keep your hands warm, keep them from losing moisture and prevent the painful cracking than can happen during the winter.

Starting with these steps and heeding the the other tips from #OTCSafety will ensure you skin is in good health this brutal winter season!

{ disclosure: I am an #OTCSafety Ambassador.  As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }