REVIEW: HTC Incredible

Being an iPhone girl, it’s hard for me to say this but well… the HTC Incredible for Verizon… is pretty incredible!  Let me preface this by saying my husband is a long time fan of his android phone, now on his 3rd Droid.  At first glance it seemed way too complicated for me and since the husband is in technology, it seemed like something for someone like him.  I’d just stick with my uncomplicated iPhone on my ever frustrating AT&T Wireless, 4 generations over.  I did a little happy dance when they finally switched over to AT&T and now just awaiting my choking contract to end before making the switch.

I wasn’t too sure about the HTC Incredible and by no means did I expect to be sent home with one to test out and play with for a few weeks.  Good thing they did, otherwise I wouldn’t have given it a second glance and gone googling for iPhone 5.  After playing with it for the past two weeks, its pretty sweet.  I really love the speed, 4G LTE, wonder when Apple will get on board with this.  Already a fan of Verizon, the cellular service that is not only reliable but consistent.  I didn’t feel that normal lagging wait like I have and have gotten use to with my iPhone.  That’s when you know you’re an addict, you’ll overlook major flaws because you’re too enamoured.  In fact, I now really feel the frustration with my iPhone now after playing with the HTC Incredible which loads almost as fast as being on WiFi.

The standout has to be the camera, which shoots in 8-megapixels.  It rivals many top point and shoots and is the most solid camera on a cell phone yet.  These days with a majority of pictures being taken today from a camera, I’m surprised many companies haven’t done more to improve this one feature that can make or break sales these days.  Not only does it have auto-focus, a 28mm lens, and selective focal points, it also shoots in 1080p HD video.  With both the front and rear facing camera, it provides a plethora of options for our modern day director.  With several presets, it takes amazing high quality low light photos easily.  Which phone did I grab when my iPhone was freezing every second this week… the HTC Incredible!

The home screen is very impressive with its neat drag to the ring and drop.  Yes that’s the geek in my talking… any cute little thing makes me go WOW!  That said, with a super quick camera activation, you’ll never miss a shot again.  It fits neatly in your hands, about the same size of an iPhone.

I was very impressed with the HTC synchronization across my computer and all mobile devices.  I hadn’t realized all the redundancies or places I kept information and there it was all on a neat, should we sync?  Why yes, we should!  Thank you!

Yes I finally awoke to the fact that the iPhone isn’t the only phone on the market.  With Google Play market, you’ve got almost everything you have on iTunes like Hootsuite, Instagram, and Fruit Ninja.  You can now get the nifty little HTC Droid Incredible at a Verizon Wireless near you.

{ disclosure:  I attended a luncheon hosted by Techlicious & HTC and given on loan, an HTC Incredible by Verizon to demo.  I was not paid to review this item, as always all opinions expressed here are my very own! }