The HP Life #HPFamilyTime

1268354_10151906375525159_2054094167_o{ disclosure :  I am an #HPFamilyTime BTS Ambassador and received the HP ENVY Rove20 and HP ENVY 4500 e-All-in-One printer for review.  No other compensation was received or exchanged. }

We have been a loyal HP family for many years, even before becoming a family.  HP has always been a brand that stands behind it’s products and I will never forget when one of my many HP printers broke, HP happily replaced it free of charge, making me a loyal HP customer for life.

This school year marks two major milestones in our family.  It is Little Miss A’s entry into 1st grade, a year where she’s actually got real homework and receiving real grades as well as the Little Mister’s first entry into any schooling, Nursery School.  In addition to building the perfect study space for the Little Miss, the HP ENVY Rove20 All-in-One has found itself a permanent home in our home.  Because it’s so mobile, it doesn’t simply reside in one location, it resides anywhere in our home with comfort.  While it definitely spends its share of time in the Little Miss’ room to aid with homework and her many craft projects (don’t ask me how many rainbow loom videos we’ve watched on the HP ENVY Rove20, I’ve lost count)  it’s also spent a lot of time centrally located in our kitchen island where everyone checks in on the family calendar.

screenNo one loves the HP ENVY Rove20 more than me.  While we love all the bevy of family friendly apps on it, I’m really loving how it keeping my family and their very busy schedules all organized.  I finally made the full transition over from Apple products after much persuasion from my husband to use a system more “universal” aka his system to keep us all organized.  With our android phones playing nicely with Google and its suite of offerings I was thrilled to see that the HP ENVY Rove20 on Windows 8 was a compatible system.

As of January 30, 2013, Google no longer supported EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) connections, a technology that helps you sync your email, calendar, and contacts across multiple devices (like your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone).  Initially when setting up my HP ENVY Rove20, I freaked out a bit when I thought I couldn’t sync my many calendars which I spent quite some time already migrating over from iCloud.  While Windows proposed a way to import your calendars into, I realized immediately that my calendar would no longer live in the Google space which we had just gotten accustomed to and that was upsetting on too many levels.  I put myself up to the task of figuring out a work around and by golly gosh I think I found a solution!  On I was able to subscribe to my many gmail calendars without importing them completely and in turn, my many gmail calendars displayed beautifully on my 20″ HP ENVY Rove20 screen and calendar app for my entire family to see.  The only caveat I found was that I was unable to edit or add appointments to the different gmail calendars, but for my family, that was perfectly fine.  I wanted complete control of the calendar in what was deleted or added to it and especially what information was available to my family members.

Despite Google’s step away from supporting EAS, we are loving all the integration and how well everything plays together.  One of my favorite technologies has to be eprint.  I call this feature a complete game changer.  I have our HP ENVY 4500 e-All-in-One printer installed in Little Miss A’s room, tucked under her bureau draw.  While one might think that a funny location for a printer, I love that it is out of the way and really can live anywhere in our home as a completely wireless printer.  It is right next to Little Miss A’s new desk space, available for use when necessary and hidden to keep those ever curious hands to themselves.  From anywhere in the home or in the world, I can send items to the printer using the printer’s personalized email address.  So while I am sitting here writing this post on our HP ENVY Rove20, I am also printing out the weeks calendar, a To-Do list, a coupon, a list of books to pick up at the library for the kids and an interesting article on allergies to read on the train tomorrow.

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