How to Recycle ANYTHING!

At GREENBABY-NYC, we try to recycle everything. When we receive inventory, boxes are saved and used to fill customer orders. We even attach the cute sticker above to encourage customers to use the box again! I think it’s neat for someone to see and participate in something so basic to help the environment. Those peanuts and airpillows are also reused too. I recently stumbled upon this in one of my favorite magazine “Real Simple” : How to Recycle Anything. It’s an A to Z Guide on which bin an item should get tossed in… this concise list is one we should visit again and again.

Some of my favorites include recycling:
old cellphones – every time hubby and i get a new phone we always donate our old phone to This organization recycles your phone and gives them to victims of domestic abuse in hopes this will save them from future harm.

crayons – Yes, there is a National Crayon Recycle Program, which melts down crayons and reforms them into new ones. The only thing they ask is to leave the wrappers on!

gadgets: when your gear has met it’s grave or simply past it’s time, there are many ways to recycle PDAs, MP3 players, and other devices so that any money earned from the parts goes to worthy causes -―a win, win, win scenario (for you, the environment, and charity)., for example, will send you prepaid shipping labels, recycle your gadgets, then donate the proceeds to breast cancer charities.

sneakers: Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program ( accepts old sneakers of any brand and recycles them into courts for various sports so kids around the world have a place to play.

one that wasn’t on the list but I think many of us can contribute to is – baby gear! One of our favorite charities is Baby Buggy NYC. They recycle “with love” gently used baby clothing, toys and gear for families less fortunate.