How to Avoid the Mother’s Day Gift Cliché

Suzanne_FrenchGirl_Silver_005As a mom I have to admit, I kinda dread mother’s day.  I’m not really all about the fuss, the candy, the flowers. I don’t need a thanks for doing what I love more than anything, being a mom. So while many moms are wishing for a morning they can sleep in, or a day without their children, I’m wishing for a fun filled day with my kids, of course minus the chores. Alas, I’m always asked what’s my recommendations for Mother’s Day Gifts aside from the obvious choices, so here it goes, my thoughts on how to avoid the cliché of Mother’s Day gifting!

  • This year I got one of the best gifts ever from AYR. A photoshoot of my children and I. I will cherish these photos forever as the norm in my family is that I am the photographer, never in the photo.
  • As part of AYR’s CALL YOUR MOM campaign, they featured my family and I, showcasing role models=real models.  While I am not as svelte as their usual models, their clothes were designed to make mom feel fabulous! That day I was indeed feeling fabulous, spending a day with my children sans chores and looking like a million bucks in their French Girl sweater and The Skinny jeans that fit like a glove. This is what obsessions are made of! For Mother’s Day customers will get an amazing 20% off their first order – valid 5/5 thru 5/15.
  • Suzanne_FrenchGirl_Silver_170Organization! I just discovered Plum Print and I am so excited to get my coffee table book soon! With 2 school age kids and another going soon, my home is filled with their artwork.  Being an artist myself, I can’t bear to throw anything away.  Gems like my daughter’s Pre-K painting of her aunt and I on our cellphones are meant to be kept. Plum Print transforms your kids artwork into a beautiful curated coffee table book that you’ll treasure forever.
  • I love gifts that aren’t obvious, gifts that I didn’t even know I wanted or needed.  As an avid running, I recently discovered the FlipBelt and it’s totally what I needed but didn’t know I did. I don’t like carrying things with me at all, having my phone in my hand during running was annoying.  During the winter, I shoved it into a jacket pocket, but come spring/summer I was worried I would drop it or worse, I’d trip, fall and it goes flying.
  • Of course, maybe the cliché is what mom really wants.  The never fail is chocolates, but make it good chocolate and (for the love of God) chocolate that mom loves.  I’m a purist and I adore Lindt Chocolate’s LINDOR Truffles. I’m not fancy with the different fillings, but I love my dark chocolate, milk chocolate, even peanut butter.  They found the sweet spot of smooth outer shell that melts or cracks into creamy goodness. Lindt graciously is letting me share the love with 2 bags of their classic milk chocolate LINDOR Truffles!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mother’s out there who just keep doing what they’re doing fabulously!

{ disclosure: No compensation or samples were received for this post, as always, all opinions expressed here are my very own.  If Lindt Chocolate wants to send me some chocolates, I of course would not be upset. }