REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Honeywell AirGenius 5

airgeniuscontrol{ disclaimer:  At my request, I received a Honeywell AirGenius 4 for review because we really needed one and noted with some minor advancements made in the AirGenius 5, the one extra setting, to facilitate this review.  }

Air quality is a huge thing four our family.  The entire family has environmental allergies that range from the sniffles to full on, watery eyes, blinding headaches and give me my allergy meds daily plus I’m getting allergy shots.  Having air purifiers in our home are staples.  We had 5 Sharper Image ones and when they went bankrupt along with their amazing warranty program, we completely freaked out.  What would we do when they died?  And slowly one by one they went onto the electronic heaven and we knew not where to turn.

Then I discovered from Honeywell, the AirGenius 5!  We already used and loved their humidifiers and heaters in our home but did not know they had an air purifier in their line up.  Boy was it a looker!  Air purifiers have obviously come a long way since our now ancients ones were initially purchased.  This one boasts a patented QuietClean® ifD® filters capture up to 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The first thing we noticed about the Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer with Allergen and Germ Intelligence Settings is the 5 different settings available to you.  You can choose from SLEEP (almost silent operation), GERM (for cold & flu season), GENERAL Cleaning, ALLERGEN (for peak allergen season) or MAX Cleaning Power, depending on your air cleaning needs.  Our former most advanced air purifier only had two settings – low or high.

The second thing we noticed is that this air cleaner oscillates to help disperse fresher, cleaner air throughout your room and is certified for use in LARGE rooms (up to 250 sq feet). So technically, it doubles as a clean air fan too!  It also features an auto shut-off timer so you can have it turn off automatically after 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours of operation. It has a beautiful glowing blue accent light can be turned on or off, depending on your preference.  The control panel is simply intuitive and so easy to use — and did I mention so beautiful to look at?

airgeniusThe bane of our existence with our old air purifiers was cleaning the filters.  It seemed with time, it needed to be cleaned almost daily, unless we were just that much of a mess in our house? I’ll go with — it just wasn’t ever cleaned well enough and over time, just didn’t work as efficiently.  It got so annoying at times and made that irritating hissing sound that push came to shove and we would just shut it off.  The Honeywell AirGenius 5 makes it really easy to set and forget, a filter gauge shows how dirty the filter is getting and a filter indicator light reminds you when to clean the filter. Two pre-filter options are included, so depending on your laziness or prudence: choose from a foam pre-filter that captures larger particles and can be easily washed clean OR you can choose to use the odor-reducing pre-filter that helps absorb common household odors and VOCs as well as large particles and should be replaced once every 3 months.  The only other maintenance needed on the AirGenius 5 is with the permanent, washable ifD® filter – simply wash it 4 times per year.  Guess which one am I? 

The other factor people often wonder about is how quiet is it?  I have to say quiet is relative.  I never notice it at all.  Especially since I have 3 kids running around and a newborn, and 3 other adults in my house, all wanting my attention.  At night at the 3, 4, or 5 setting you will definitely know it is running, but it’s little more than a fan running.

The bottom line?  This is an amazing Air Purifier that is very reasonably priced at MSRP of $249.99.  From the minute you turn it on, you will instantly notice the air feels crisper and cleaner.  Since it covers larger ground, you certainly don’t need as many as I did, 5 of the Sharper Image ones, to cover your home.  We love it so much that it made my VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER II: Baby Gear Must Have’s List.


The generous people at Honeywell is giving (1) lucky Mom Confessional’s reader a chance to breath fresh air and win a Honeywell AirGenius 5 valued at $249.99!
You must answer the following question: “What is your best tip to reduce household allergens?” to be entered.  You have several additional entry options if you’d like to increase your odds of winning!  ALL ENTRIES ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WIDGET.  Good Luck!