RC cars never cease to be a favorite for the holidays and this year we’re loving the new Lazer Stunt Chaser Flameout RC Car.  Utilizing light technology, all you do is point and shoot as the racer follows your lead up to over 300 mph (scale speed). The dual sided racer with light up rims that change color when the car flips.  Included is a 4 in 1 stunt ramp too!  Ages 4+.

Hot Wheels takes its tracks off the ground and places it on the wall!  Using 3M Command Strips, you can hang the Wall Tracks without concerns over wall damage.  Completely modular and able to go around corners, the possibilities are endless!  Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set retails for $29.99 and is for Ages 4+.

The craze can’t be denied!  Hexbugs are top on the Christmas list in this household.  It even appeared on the husband’s wish list (?!?!?)  They give me the creepers but the kids sure love these little creatures!  Everything from the Nano to the Crab, which is the only one I can find endearing, is sure to be a hit.  They make great stocking stuffers and paired with the habitat set, it makes a great gift!

As a proud partner of the FDNY Foundation in fire safety, Smokey the Fire Truck reports for gift-giving duty!  Smokey, the newest in the Matchbox “Stinky” line, provides hours of open-ended play with his lights, sounds and levers in both truck and character mode.  Smokey sings, tells jokes and dances for a truly interactive play experience in character mode.  Kids can shoot water balls that can be fed into the fire hose.  Who wouldn’t want a toy that does that?! I think my kids is going to go bonkers with this under the tree!  Smokey the Fire Truck retails for $59.99 and suggested for ages 3 and up.