How Sweet It Is… to Have Healthy Teeth! #OTCSafety

20120215-P2150059It’s that time of year again!  No matter how much I LOVE Halloween, it’s a holiday I know will get us all into trouble, especially my daughter and I.  We both have EXTREME an sweet tooth!  So much so our dentists know us all too well.  So the fact that over 50% of children will have some tooth decay by age 5 doesn’t surprise me at all.  CONFESSION ALERT:  This totally makes me cringe admitting this, but at my daughter’s very first dental visit at age 5, she was diagnosed with 6… yes SIX cavities.  I wanted to crawl into a hole and cry… as if this diagnosis had every thing to do with my parenting abilities and my pen chance for letting us both indulge in sweets way more than we should. While I like to share some of the burden of this diagnosis with dear old hereditary genes, I know it’s also a HUGE part of her love of sweets.  Her diagnosis was a wake up call for our entire family.  We needed to make some changes.

20120316-IMG_7607While cutting down on the sweets was going to definitely be an uphill battle, we decided to start with the small, but very important steps of tooth care routine.  I, hanging my head in shame, did not strictly adhere to the brushing of teeth 2 times a day.  You can bet that changed.  Every morning, right after waking up, there is some teeth brushing.  Right up there with brushing teeth, is brushing properly.  I was thrilled when our dentist recommended the use of an electric toothbrush.  She said not only was it safe for a 5 year old to use, but it was more effective at teeth cleaning than an ordinary toothbrush.  This was all music to my ears.  While it is recommended for you to brush for a minimum of 2 minutes, sometimes that can be a challenge.  Using an electric toothbrush definitely put my mind at ease, even if my kids didn’t get the FULL 2 minutes of brushing in, it was at the very least, a good brushing.

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you before… Your child using your toothpaste by accident?  My son screamed hell-holla when I accidentally put my mint toothpaste on his electric toothbrush.  I quickly rinsed and put on his transformer bubble fruit paste, but not without a lot of rinsing of his mouth first.  Using fluoride toothpaste is an important part of brushing.  Fluoride is an anti-cavity active ingredient available in over-the-counter (OTC) products that helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.  It is safe for use in children over the age of 2.  Children should always be supervised when brushing their teeth to ensure they are brushing properly, not swallowing toothpaste and thoroughly rinsing their mouth.  Yes, children do that, not rinsing her mouth is a favorite slip my daughter makes.  I guess the toothpaste must taste very good!

  • Brush 2 times a day!
  • Use a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Brush for a minimum of 2 minutes
  • Don’t forget to RINSE!
  • Electric toothbrushes are great for kids who don’t like brush and can be a struggle.


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