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anono-mom }
I am a mom.  Every mom.  Talking about the things no one wants to say, but are thinking.  Broaching topics that are often taboo but need more coverage.

{ ellie beatus, rn, clc, bsn }
Ellie is full time labor & delivery nurse, but also a full time wife and mother to 2 boys. Always striving for perfection, she hopes to enrich her children’s lives by sharing in wonderful experiences, teaching them life lessons, and nurturing them as they grow and help to make the world a better place for all of us. As Suzanne’s “work-wife” and blog partner, she shares the good and the bad, the joys and frustrations of parenthood.

{ kat wiesinger }
Kat is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has been working in Maternal Infant Health for the last several years.  She’s a Certified Childbirth Educator as well as a Certified Lactation Consultant, and is sitting for the board exam to qualify as an IBCLC in July 2011.

kimberly seals allers }
A leading authority on issues relating to modern, mothers of color, author of The Mocha Manual™ series of books and editor in chief of, the fast growing web-based publication and lifestyle destination for today’s African American moms and moms-to-be. She is also a featured blogger for and

{ heather kelly }
A Lactation Consultant and specialist for Bravado Designs.  Heather is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant practicing in NYC since 2001.

{ chris pegula }
The founder of Diaper Dude, he helps make a Dad’s life easier with serious style. Pegula is a leader in the realm of parenting tips. From traveling with kids and taking the baby by yourself for the first time to planning a successful play date – he gets it!

{ jessica shyba }
A new resident of NYC and mother of two toddlers, Jessica blogs about her adventures and adjustments to living in a major metropolitan city.  A lover of food, music, art and most of all motherhood, she keeps pretty busy in her daily life.  She can be found at Momma’s Gone City and New York City Mom’s Blog.

{ gail cheri }
Gail is a mother of a toddler and a recent breast cancer survivor at the age of 39.  She has blogged about her treatment and is currently blogging about her recovery and survival.



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