Glamping it Up! #Tuckerton

14409559185_a09ca9b32d_bWhile one of the perks I love about being a blogger is all the amazing experiences I can expose my children to, I am NOT a nature person.  Nature and I have a LOVE/HATE relationship.  I love the beach, and can appreciate a beautiful rainbow or sunset but the very idea of  being one with nature, camping, gives me hives.  I still have nightmares as I recall parts of my youth spent on nature walks and hiking.  The countless hours and days clocked mowing the family lawn were panic inducing.  I’ve convinced myself I’ve got poor body temperature control.  If I was told it was a 100° outside, my body would react like it was 200° and I’d swell in anticipation.  Obviously a lot of it had to do with allergies, I had bad bad seasonal allergies which turned nature into an enemy.  One of the reasons I loved my husband was our mutual relationship with nature.  I was assured there would be no camping trips in our future.

But recently a new concept had me up for the challenge, Glamping!  The glamorous way of (alternative) camping, my way of camping.  The Sea Pirates Campground was the perfect setting for first time campers like myself where you can really set the level of how much you want to be one with nature.

I definitely didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the Sea Pirates Campground but I was thrilled by all the all conveniences right at the gate, a small “convenience” shop, food shack, arcade area and pool!  My husband was a little sad there was no beach and waterfront, but I assured him, they were not far away.  We arrived late with all the Jersey Shore traffic and the kids were starving, but not enough to stop their exploration.  Our accommodations were the deluxe cabin which could fit up to 6 people comfortably.  It was super cute!  My kids went bananas over the bunk beds having never seen one before.  Unfortunately the upper bunk became a day time play only zone as my two older ones were still flip floppers while sleeping.  There was a futon bed across from the bunks and full size in the bedroom.  We quickly sized up the bed situation and flipped coins as all families do for the beds.  Ava got the coveted lower bunk bed, while Mommy and Marcus scored the bedroom and Daddy got the big prize, sleeping on the futon.  There may have been multiple flips of the coin.  14222945798_a826b0a10e_bOf course the wee one was set thanks to a last minute quick addition of the 4Moms Breeze into the car despite huge protest from my husband that there was no room for it.  Thank goodness it folds and unfolds like a dream in just seconds.   There was tons of storage space, just like a minivan.  While it was not a grand spacious cabin, all those closets and storage areas packed away our luggage with ease, yes even the actually luggage stowed away easily in the cabinets.  You’d hardly notice we came in with as much stuff as we did.   Our car packed for the trip looked like we were moving with luggage strapped to the roof of the truck and piled high in the trunk and every spare space in between filled.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief at all the modern conveniences the deluxe cabin offered.  We had Air Conditioning!  A full bathroom, a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and microwave!  All of my husband’s reservations were slowly being put to bed.  I quickly put away all the drinks — nothing brings a smile to that mans face quicker than a nice cold drink — and snacks away and organized our emergency equipment into a designated draw.  Not just for Marcus’ allergies but we have learned always to be prepared for anything especially traveling with a baby.  Sometimes being more prepared keeps the need for them at bay.

The kids were giddy with glee to discover awesome pirate themed goodie bags provided by Partypalooza.  Everything from a bandanas, eye patches and tattoos, they were ready to have some swashbuckling fun!  With Ava’s birthday party right around the corner, I filed this awesome place for reference.

All decked out in their new swag, we headed off to explore the campgrounds and check out the bonfire.  We had a chance to check out the other accommodations available on the campground.  We saw families going the whole nine yards and setting up tents to families set up in their RV and others like us that were glamping in cabins and cottages.  I found it pretty neat that you could really customize the experience with nature at just the level you are comfortable with.  They had showers and bathrooms for those who really going bare-bone to more deluxe accommodations that include luxuries like electricity, cable hook up, full bathrooms and kitchens and air-conditioning.  They even have laundry facilities!

Back in the comforts of our deluxe cabin, I looked over their brochure and was pleasantly surprised how reasonably priced it was to go glamping.  Our accommodations (up to 6 people) was $109-$136 a night depending on the season!  Given our many other vacation stays, this was a bargain!   We even had a balcony/front porch and our very own grill and bonfire ring and access to the swimming pool.  Yes we were definitely not quite ready to go swimming in the pond.  This was definitely glamping our way!

When our weekend ended, the kids were eager to know when we were going glamping again, and I have to say, we definitely might be doing this again!  For more photos from our Tuckerton Seaport weekend check out our Flickr album:

{ disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Tuckerton Seaport.  This program is in partnership with Real Mom Media (  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }